Two Days Later

Wow, I honestly never would have expected a tattoo this large would feel so bad. I mean it’s not unbearable, but it’s no cup of tea either. My leg has swelled up quite a bit, you can see in the picture I attached below, but I still love the way it looks. The most painful moments are going from a sitting or laying down position to standing up. All of the blood rushes into the leg and it throbs so hard! After about 10 seconds it’s all good though.

Last night I went out with my host to a great Ska Concert which was open to the public. It was very cool, good music, met some nice people, and had some good conversations. Today we are going out to the Christopher Street Day Parade in Stuttgart, Germany. I am very excited for this, the one in Berlin was amazingly fun, and very mind opening for me. And My host seems to be really into gay rights and such, so I’m curious to see how she is around all this. I wish I had my camera, because there are always good picture opportunities at large events like this, but I’m not going to cry over spilled milk.

That’s really all I have to say, not much. Maybe more in the next day or two.

-Noodles Out!


Look At That Swelling


It Is Done!

Yesterday was an intense 9 hour long tattoo day! Of course I was not being tattooed for the entire time, but the entire time was tattoo focused. I arrived a bit earlier than planned and then Mike showed up right at 10 so we could start work! He Booted up his computer, went through some of his previous tattoo designs, discussed exactly what I wanted, and I again told him as long as he was happy with it, I would be as well. So he did a bit of thinking, and then we started. He drew on the general idea with a marker to my leg, and then started over about 15 minutes later because he had a better idea. We finally started tattoo between 11:00 and 11:30. I had a huge smile on my face as soon as he started, it was just completely unreal to actually be there, in the Swastika Freak Shop being tattooed by the one and only Freak Mike. It was really surreal, and experience I will never forget. After a few breaks, a little stenciling, me moaning from pain a bit, and of course a little bit of laughter, the tattoo was done! It took up the entire lower half of my leg, from my knee to my ankle, and it was quite sore and tender. But I feel like a man now, I didn’t use any pain killers, even when offered, and I finished it! Although, I do think that my body went in to a small amount of shock from the amount of tattooing. I started feeling kind of cold about half way in. And It only got worse as the day went on, I was even shivering when I got to my second host later that night. I feel much better now after a long night of sleep. Although it wasn’t the best sleep, I still feel better. And now I believe I will head off to Stuttgart via Hitch Hiking. Wish me luck, It’s a very late start for me. Check out the crappy web cam pictures below. :) Better ones when it’s healed and I have access to a better camera.

-Noodles Out!

Tomorrow is The Day

Only 11 short hours away and I will be sitting in the Swastika Freakshop getting tattooed. It’s quite crazy that I can even considering still getting this tattoo given the current situation. But It has to be done. I came all this way, and to not do it would be a shame, and I’m just not going to have that. I have 2 weeks left, I will manage just fine. I am very excited for tomorrow though, I am not sure what’s going to happen or what kind of tattoo I am getting, I just know that what ever I get I will be happy with. There will be surprise in that, but also where it is places. I have been considering for the last few hours of having this done on my arm instead of my leg. Maybe I shouldn’t though, because it would be visible and might be bad for some jobs in the future, but then again, I don’t plan on working the job I have right now for the rest of my life, and I can wear a long sleeve shirt to work no problem.

We will see though, and tomorrow I will be sure to update with everything and how it went down. Unfourtantly though I will not have any pictures to post because my camera is broke as I wrote about previously. But eventually I have will have something to show online, perhaps I will take a picture with my web cam tomorrow night when I get to my next hosts house. Tomorrow is a total mystery to me. I can’t wait to write about it in the night! That’s all I have to say now.

-Noodles Out!

My Camera is broke!

Here I am, in Radolfzell am Bodensee, only 18 days left in my trip, and the most catastrophic thing that could possibly ever happen, next me me losing my Travel Journal (which has already happened) is my Camera breaking.

The day started out very nicely, I was awoken to the sound of children playing outside, light was gleaming in through the blinds covering the windows, it was roughly 10:00 in the morning, birds were chirping. I get up, find a note from my Host Doris saying she was out at the Market and would be back at about 11. Sure enough she was, we shared some breakfast together, did a little chit chat, and then due to some issues, she was unable to work at home today. But she talked to me a little bit about the way the town her is laid out, suggested places to go, and last but not least, she loaned me a bike to use to cruise the town with!!! She even gave me a little hug good bye. Everything was going great for the first hour or so, and then I went on top of a little tower to view the lake on. It was a great view, I figured I should have a picture of my self there. With no one around to take the picture for me, I figured I would do a self timed picture. No big deal, I have done them in the past with no problems what so ever. So I set the time for 10 seconds. Set my camera on a flat surface, and what happens? A gust of wind blows my camera over and it falls about 3 feet to the wooden base below!!! I picked it up to inspect the damage. It was still working find so I thought, I was even able to take a few pictures with it. The problems came when I wanted to turn it off and keep going along the bike path. The lens was jammed and unable to go back inside. After further inspection I noticed that it was slightly crooked, so I tried to correct it, which helped a little, but the lens could still not go back in side. And now at this point I am unable to even turn the camera on again to take pictures because my camera freaks out because the lens is neither in, nor out all the way!

It’s a good thing I bought a warranty on it though, and then I remembered three things. 1, I have no where to have the camera shipped back to me after it’s repaired (or replaced). 2, The amount of time it takes for these things to get worked out is just not worth it. 3, even if I wanted to have it shipped out, I would have to have a phone number for the company to reach me and I would have to be where ever I managed to get it shipped back to so that I could pick it up, which would distort my travel plans. So I guess I’ll just suffer with out pictures for the next 18 days.

How about some positive talk now though. Today after the accident I rode about 20 more kilometers did some sight seeing, and then rode back the way I came. I found a very nice little spot to swim so I pulled over, got in my swimming shorts and hopped in. The water was a bit cold, but it felt so good, especially after riding the bike around for the last 2 hours, and it was very easy to adjust to the waters temperature. After being in the water for about 15 or 20 minutes I decided to hop out, dry off, and go back to my hosts Flat so that I could take the laundry she so kindly offered to do for me out of the washing machine and hang it up so that I would be dry for me in the morning. And that’s how I got here to writing this!

That’s all for now, more exciting news to come soon!

-Noodles Out!

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin….I’m getting really sick of all of this. Social networking websites are beginning to run everyone’s lives, or have been for a while now, I’m not entirely sure. It’s starting to drive me crazy though. I log onto my Facebook account every day to upload a new picture and keep friends and family updated on my current travels, I browse through the news feed to see what everyone else is up to, and I just get annoyed. You can easily access all of these social networks now via your smart phone, as well as other wireless devices. When you are on the web browsing, if a website is participating (which most seem to be), you can share your internet findings with all of your friends, you can like certain items, etc, etc. And we’ve all heard fora while now that some jobs review your Facebook account before they hire you, you’d think this would scare people into limiting what they post on the internet, but no, it doesn’t. I mean, I must admit, I’m guilty of all of these things, but I am starting to get a grip on it, and that’s partly what this blog is about.

With this blog, I plan on eventually disconnecting myself from Facebook, which is the only social networking website I use with the exception of, which I use primarily to see which artist is travelling to my area and when. It just bothers me, all of it. Myspace started it all, but when Myspace started getting out of control, I left for Facebook. It wasn’t very useful to me at first, considering it was not popular at the time, so no one I knew used it, and then BAM! All of a sudden everyone had a Facebook account. And now it’s just another Myspace, but I feel that it has become much worse than Myspace had the chance to become because Facebook pretty much stomped out Myspace. And now Google, something I have supported for years, is beginning to turn into everything else. Google has phone services, an internet browser, and now Google+? What is this madness. I’m not even gonna continue, I don’t need to, because most people reading this will think that I’m just a silly kid with goofy ideas.

In other news, today I took a short trip through Freiburg. It was nice, I got to see the Visavajara shop, I bought a new CD, had an ice cream cone, and a really good Glass of Tee. In a couple of short hours I will be on my way to Radolfzell, Germany. I can’t wait. And tattoo therapy this Thursday!

-Noodles Out

The New CD I Bought

Random Find!

Heading out Tonight!

Tonight around 18:30 I am meeting up with a nice gentlemen I met online at the body modification community. He is coming back from a Suspension convention in Oslo, Norway and said he doesn’t mind driving through Freiburg to pick me up and give me a ride to Radolfzell since he is slightly headed that way anyways. We are going to be meeting at the Visavajara body modification shop. I’m gonna show up earlier just so that I can check it out, because it would be a shame not to given my interest in those types of things.

When I arrive in Radolfzell I am going to call my host Doris, from, and we are going to meet up, and she will take me home where she said dinner will be waiting for me! Looking forward to a good meal. Older people are always the best hosts, much more understanding and laid back, and they always cook for themselves which means if you are there you are invited! And then on Thursday morning at 10:00 I will meet up with Freak-Mike at the Swastika Freakshop where he will tattoo me. I’m curious how that is going to work considering my money situation. I want to drop between 250 and 300 Euros on it, but depending on some “banking” issues, I am not sure how much I will be able to pull out. I’ll be sure to update though as soon as I can afterwords, and also post a picture of my new sexy tattoo!

Oh, and last night was nice. My host and one of his flat mates rode out to a nearby lake (which I really think was just a pond) and we made a little camp fire, played a bit of guitar, and roasted a Zucchini over the fire! That was surprisingly good to, I would do it again. After watching the coals die down a bit, I took a piss on them to make sure no fires would be started. Piss smoke smells the worst!

Anyways, That’s all for now, I’m sure I’ll have more to update on here in the coming days!