Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin….I’m getting really sick of all of this. Social networking websites are beginning to run everyone’s lives, or have been for a while now, I’m not entirely sure. It’s starting to drive me crazy though. I log onto my Facebook account every day to upload a new picture and keep friends and family updated on my current travels, I browse through the news feed to see what everyone else is up to, and I just get annoyed. You can easily access all of these social networks now via your smart phone, as well as other wireless devices. When you are on the web browsing, if a website is participating (which most seem to be), you can share your internet findings with all of your friends, you can like certain items, etc, etc. And we’ve all heard fora while now that some jobs review your Facebook account before they hire you, you’d think this would scare people into limiting what they post on the internet, but no, it doesn’t. I mean, I must admit, I’m guilty of all of these things, but I am starting to get a grip on it, and that’s partly what this blog is about.

With this blog, I plan on eventually disconnecting myself from Facebook, which is the only social networking website I use with the exception of, which I use primarily to see which artist is travelling to my area and when. It just bothers me, all of it. Myspace started it all, but when Myspace started getting out of control, I left for Facebook. It wasn’t very useful to me at first, considering it was not popular at the time, so no one I knew used it, and then BAM! All of a sudden everyone had a Facebook account. And now it’s just another Myspace, but I feel that it has become much worse than Myspace had the chance to become because Facebook pretty much stomped out Myspace. And now Google, something I have supported for years, is beginning to turn into everything else. Google has phone services, an internet browser, and now Google+? What is this madness. I’m not even gonna continue, I don’t need to, because most people reading this will think that I’m just a silly kid with goofy ideas.

In other news, today I took a short trip through Freiburg. It was nice, I got to see the Visavajara shop, I bought a new CD, had an ice cream cone, and a really good Glass of Tee. In a couple of short hours I will be on my way to Radolfzell, Germany. I can’t wait. And tattoo therapy this Thursday!

-Noodles Out

The New CD I Bought

Random Find!


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