It Is Done!

Yesterday was an intense 9 hour long tattoo day! Of course I was not being tattooed for the entire time, but the entire time was tattoo focused. I arrived a bit earlier than planned and then Mike showed up right at 10 so we could start work! He Booted up his computer, went through some of his previous tattoo designs, discussed exactly what I wanted, and I again told him as long as he was happy with it, I would be as well. So he did a bit of thinking, and then we started. He drew on the general idea with a marker to my leg, and then started over about 15 minutes later because he had a better idea. We finally started tattoo between 11:00 and 11:30. I had a huge smile on my face as soon as he started, it was just completely unreal to actually be there, in the Swastika Freak Shop being tattooed by the one and only Freak Mike. It was really surreal, and experience I will never forget. After a few breaks, a little stenciling, me moaning from pain a bit, and of course a little bit of laughter, the tattoo was done! It took up the entire lower half of my leg, from my knee to my ankle, and it was quite sore and tender. But I feel like a man now, I didn’t use any pain killers, even when offered, and I finished it! Although, I do think that my body went in to a small amount of shock from the amount of tattooing. I started feeling kind of cold about half way in. And It only got worse as the day went on, I was even shivering when I got to my second host later that night. I feel much better now after a long night of sleep. Although it wasn’t the best sleep, I still feel better. And now I believe I will head off to Stuttgart via Hitch Hiking. Wish me luck, It’s a very late start for me. Check out the crappy web cam pictures below. :) Better ones when it’s healed and I have access to a better camera.

-Noodles Out!


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