Leaving for Hamburg

It’s be a couple of days since I last had any time to write. Not so much has really gone on either. My stay in Stuttgart was very nice, and I enjoyed my host very much, she took me out to the Christopher Street Day Parade, I got to meet all of her friends, and sit around and talk with them all. It was good fun. That was on Saturday. On Sunday it was her birthday! We slept in a bit, woke up and had a little bit of breakfast. I worked on couch surfing requests for a little while and then after a little bit of chit chat I decided to go out and explore the city on my own a bit. It wasn’t all that exciting because it was a Sunday in Germany after all, and everything is closed and no people are really outside, although the big party from the Gay Pride was still going on, so I checked that out, scoping the eye candy.

On Monday, I woke up early with my Host, had some breakfast and then headed out to go hitch hiking. The first spot I tried to go to, I got of the train correctly, but walked in the wrong direction from there. I was convinced that location didn’t exist. Finally I decided to head on back to the Main Station to head out for a second location suggested by Hitchwiki.org. On the train I saw passed the first location that the website mentioned, but I got off at the second location. I met some other hitch hikers there. They were friendly, a guy and a girl. Made me wish I had a girl travelling with me, because a pretty face gets picked up a whole lot faster than a man with a dirty travel beard! And sure enough they did get picked up pretty quickly. I stood around and asked people for rides for roughly an an hour before finally getting a ride. I usually don’t ask people who drive nice cars if I can have a ride, because generally they don’t want a stranger in their fancy car. But I asked, and I got to ride in a fancy Porsche for the first time! It was awesome, and the Autobahn in areas had no speed limit so he took me so fast! It was incredible. I shared my travel story with him, and he told me some of his experiences. He was a really nice guy. Best of all he dropped me off at a perfect location to catch another ride.

That ride didn’t come for quite a while though. I think I was standing around for about 2 hours. Finally I asked a guy and was able to hop right in. He was a big man, from Germany, but was Philipino. Super friendly and he took me quite a ways to another Rest Station on the high way somewhere outside of Frankfurt. I waited around there for a while, got kicked out of the gas station by the Clerks because they didn’t like me “harassing” the customers which is just absurd I think, because I’m obviously stuck there so the more I talk to, the fast I can get a ride and get out of there, but they just didn’t get that I guess. I did manage a ride though, from a guy I had asked while filling up for gas himself, he said no. About 20 minutes later I decided to walk through the parking area, check license plates and ask some people, and he pulled up to me and said he could take me about half way to another rest station. Of course I hopped in. Another friendly guy to! He asked me all about my trip and then told me all about his travels from his youger years and told that what I am doing is a very good idea, because travelling in your old age is just not the same, and you can’t benefit from the experience later on in your life, like I will be able to. That’s something that never really crossed my mind either, but he’s right, after retirement travel is nice, But your life is pretty much lived at that point, and sure I would get the experience, but I wouldn’t benefit from my travel. Now I am very excited about my future travels, to gain more experience! He took me half way between Frankfurt and Dusseldorf. And at the next spot I was picked up by a very nice Afghan family within about 15 minutes. We talked a little bit, but not much because of a language barrier, they all spoke about 4 or 5 languages, but English was not their strong point. They took me really far though, about 20KM from Dusseldorf.

At this next location I stood for about 30 minutes I believe. I met a nice kid the same age as me. He said that he had been standing around looking for rides for since 4pm! It was already 7pm to. I felt bad for him, because I had totally been there and done that already. But that’s the adventure of hitch hiking, some days are good, some days aren’t. Today wasn’t really either of our day though to be honest! It shouldn’t have taken so long to go to Dusseldorf. Anyway, I didn’t have to wait so long at thsi spot like him, he went up to ask a couple guys for a ride, and they said they were going to Dusseldorf, and I held up my sign real quick with a big smile on my face. I could see the guy was really bummed out, but I got a ride out of it at least. These guys took me right into Dusseldorf, I hopped on a train and made it to my hosts house. Nice guy, 1 year old than me, super friendly as was his mom and girlfriend from Quebec, Canada. We talked a bit, had some dinner, shared a few stories and then went to bed. He was leaving for a Music festival early in the morning, and his lady was going to Amsterdam, so I had to leave as well since his mother didn’t feel comfortable with me in the house alone, which is understandable.

Today! I was hoping to meet up with a friend from school, but I haven’t heard back, and it’s early enough so I am going to start my day hitch hiking. A little late for such a long journey, but I think that I’ll be able to make it. I did last time anyway. I have a place lined up to stay thankfully, so I’ll give her a call when I get there so long as it’s not insanely late. I might stay in Hamburg longer than I expected, because I can’t find anywhere to stay in Berlin, and the guy I was planning on meeting up with won’t have any free time anyways, so I can just stay in Hamburg and make future plans. I’ll stay with a girl I met on Couchsurfing for a couple nights, maybe the weekend, and then with a guy I met at a Squat last time, he finally got back to me. So I’m set there.

That’s about it this time around, Maybe I’ll have more exciting news in the future. Only two weeks exactly left though.

-Noodles Out!


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