Another Day

Arrived in Hamburg last night around 7:30pm. I able to make the trip in one day, in one single ride! I was very happy about this. They took me directly to Hamburg. They themselves were on there way to the Waken Metal Festival so it was no problem. I drove alone with one of the guys in the “Caravan” I guess you would call it, a train of cars all going in the same direction. He was really cool, turned out he was a cop, we shared some stories talked a bit about life, friends, and family. And of course, they all thought my tattoo was crazy, and they were convinced it was infected because of how swollen it looked, even though I assured them that it’s fairly normal, especially for a large tattoo, but they didn’t want to listen and suggested I go to a hospitable. They did give me some ice though to put on it, which was very nice and felt pretty good. In fact I think that might have something to do with why it’s not swollen this morning.

Anyways, so they dropped me of in Hamburg, only after swapping names so we could keep in touch through Facebook (e-mail eventually), and Maybe next year when I come back I could crash his place and go to the festival with them. Pretty sweet! I gonna do that for sure.

So when I finally left them behind, I started walking, visited a store, and asked some directions so that I could locate the Metro Station. Once I finally made it to a station I borrowed someones phone to call my Host Anne, and got no answer. So I headed to the Hauptbanhof which was about 20 minutes away by train, and called again once I was there, and again I got no answer. I went into a McDonalds to try and use the WiFi but had no luck, because McDonalds wifi is through T-Mobile and they want you to register with them to use the Wifi, but registering requires you have a european phone number, which I don’t have. Instead I went into a casino to pay for internet. I managed to make contact through and got directions to head out! I arrived around 10:15pm I believe, and she was about to go to bed, but showed me around and everything. Tonight I think we’re going to make dinner together. She said if I wanted I could go out and buy some things, but I think I’ll wait until she gets home so that we can go together, because I have no clue what she likes, or really what to buy to cook.

Below I have attached a few pictures, the last ones I took with it. Right after it was broken. I suppose it still works, but the pictures are out of focus and a bit blurry. Maybe I can still use it like this and just call it “art”? It’s still frustrating.


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