I have re-written this entry about 5 times differently each and every time. So I’m just going to make it short and sweet. I have around 30 euros left for 11 days. I have no idea where I’m going to end up after I leave Hamburg as I have no places lined up to stay. But I’m not worried and I only see the adventure of it all and not the negative of what is bad about it, in fact I really don’t think there is anything wrong with my current situation. I am very excited for what the future is going to bring me, I just wish that I had a camera to document some things. I do have my Flip Video though, maybe there will be a video of Exhausted me in the next few days.

I the place I plan to stay at tonight does not work out, then I am going hitch hike through out the night and get to a new city. Only after a quick visit to the Penny Markt to buy some cheap food to take along!

-Noodles Out


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