Yuck, Airports

I still remember my first time flying, all the excitement of actually going in a plane. I also remember not understanding why my parents disliked being in the airport, or even the plane for the matter. But now I totally understand. I am sitting in the airport here in Vienna, Austria and I must say, I am quite annoyed and I have only been here for about an hour so far. I admire the people who work at airports, I can only imagine how they must feel after a day of being asked “Which gate do I need to be at” over a thousand times. I get annoyed being asked the same question five times in a day!

Any who, here I am waiting to board the plane for Warsaw, Poland. I believe the boarding time is at 9:30 and departure is at 10:15. Hopefully it’s a nice easy flight and even more than that, I hope that they supply some sort of snack, but I am hungry! The last few nights have been nice though. It was really good to see Sebastian and his Family again, they really are like a second family for me. It was a very laid back time, with the exception of Salzburg, which was rather eventful. Lot’s of drunken madness, and by drunk madness I mean that I was sober and everyone else was drunk. It was funny though, it wasn’t until the very end of the night (or very early in the morning) that I got a little irritated. It’s one night I won’t forget for sure though. The rest of the time was just relaxing in Graz. Sleeping in, eating, and seeing people before I left. Very nice time.

In Vienna I stayed with another Couchsurfer named Rudi. He was a really nice guy, I was unsure about him at first, but I ended up actually really liking him and would even go back and stay again if I am in Vienna in the future. He fed me a bit, gave me a place to stay, talked a little about travel, and had WIFI to use. No complaints other than I broke out in a really bad rash right before I showed up. I’m not sure what from, but it’s been almost 2 days now and I still have it. It itches quite bad to, it started out just on my legs, but it worked it’s way up, its on my torso and arms, now as well. It seems to be getting a bit better, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll be itchy all through out my flight which is not to delightful to think about.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got now. I’m gonna try and get some shut eye before the flight. I’ll write more once I’m in California. See you soon Santa Cruz.

-Noodles Out


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