It’s Been A While

I have been really busy the last couple weeks. It’s been rather crazy for me. I mean I have been busy in the traditional sense, but my life has been rather hectic for sure. Since I haven’t updated in a while, this is going to probably sound like it’s all over the place, but I don’t really mind, because after all this is a personal blog for me, and only me, and anyone who wishes to read it. So with out further ado, let the stories begin.

First I would like to start off with my current situation. I am technically homeless at the moment, and I joke about being a second class homeless citizen because I have a job and friends couches to bounce around on until I can get back on my feet. The reason for all of this though is because when I left for Europe I had the plan to come back and stay with my parents so make some money, and get back on my feet not having to worry about anything. Well lucky for me my parents decided to split up while I was in Munich, Germany for the first time, and I basically tried to stay out of it the hole time so that I didn’t have to think about it while I was out having fun every day. When I finally got home though, I could see things were much worse than what I had imagined. My mom moved out and was living on her own in a little studio in someones back yard, but her “landlord” did not like it when people would come over to her house, so I couldn’t stay with her, and I couldn’t stay with my dad because I was already scheduled to work again on the 18th, which was my first day back in Chico, California. And I can’t stay with my dad because he lives in Los Molinos, which is about 25 miles away from where I work, and at the time I didn’t have any insurance, so I couldn’t legally drive, and with out money to pay for potential tickets that I would get for driving uninsured, I decided that it was just not a good idea to drive, which means that I couldn’t get to work if I lived at my dads house. So I started bouncing around at friends couches in Chico until I could find somewhere stable to work. And then it all hit me! If I was going to be a second class homeless citizen in Chico, where I don’t even like living in the first place, why not just go and do that somewhere where I would rather be.

The plan has evolved a bit, and now I am in Operation Leave Everything Version 3.1. I have tweaked the plan little by little, and radically changed it many times and now I feel like I have a pretty solid idea of how everything is going to work out for me. Honestly I should probably not be writing about this on the internet because it involves me quitting my current job at Staples, and they don’t know about anything yet, but they will in the next 2 days, so I see no issue with me writing about it now. Now I’m sure by now anyone actually reading my blog is interested in what my master plan is, so here it is. I am going to work for a couple more weeks. (16 days to be exact) Save up as much money as I can so that when I leave I will have enough money to pay for some food each day, and of course pay for my phone until I find a stable job and have money coming in. After I quit my job on the 12th, I am going to San Fran for a night with my buddy Adam to watch him get some fancy work done by the wonderfully amazing Brian Decker. I am assuming we will come back either the same night or the next day, and that’s when I plan on getting all of my things ready for my big move. My friend Brad up in Grass Valley said that I could stay with him, and when I told him I wouldn’t be able to pay rent for a while, he said not to worry about, so I am going to move up to Grass Valley as soon as I have all of my things ready, which for the most part already are, because I am just bring clothes, and a few little things of mine up there, everything else I am going to throw away and sell what I can sell. Once I am in Grass Valley I am going to start searching for a full time job to start saving up as much money as possible, and to be able to live a little bit more comfortably. In January Brad and I are going to move down to Santa Cruz together.

Sounds like a fool proof plan right? I honestly have no idea how it’s going to work out, but hey that’s a risk I’m willing to take, because I am just not happy where I am at now. Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t adjusted to being back yet and I still feel like I need to have adventure in my life. Or maybe I am just running from my Family problems at the moment. Who knows, what ever I am doing it, it’s happening, and I am going to make the best of what ever happens. Even if nothing works out I can always go back to my parents and stay with one of them. That’s what’s fantastic about family. I’m not going to let this happen though. I will make everything work out just fine.

As for my trip to Santa Cruz right after I got back to California, it was amazing, it’s the trip that made me decide to move to Santa Cruz in the first place. I have been before, and thought about it, but this was the deciding visit. I love the people I know down there, and they are always willing to go out and do something, I love the ocean and the beaches, and the weather, and I love the variety of food there is to eat down there, the smell of the air, the everything. I had a great time, did a little skim boarding with my buddy Robert, as well as some body surfing. Had some nice flash backs to child hood with Robert and Kevin which was kind of funny to think about. Went out to lunch and dinner with Pauly, Alex and a new face named Angel, and Robert was there with us as well. Hung out at the Chimera Tattoo/Way Body Arts for a total of 7 hours having conversations with different people about multiple different things and I was a really good time. not one dry moment. In the end though we finally had to leave, a little later than expected, but what ever. It was a long drive back, but we made it, and failed at stealing a street sign with Roberts name on it, I am going to try and get it next time I drive that way. It’s rightfully his after all. When we finally arrived at my mom’s new place, I could tell instantly that she had lost weight, and she hugged me and I think even cried a little bit, she was excited to see me for the first time in almost 3 months. We talked for a little bit, Robert also joined in, and then my mom totally forgot to pay him for gas. So now I have to try and get that out of her as soon as possible, and when I am in Santa Cruz next I am going to make sure to put some gas in Roberts truck for having to deal with gas shortage because my mom didn’t pay him as agreed.

Some other side notes that I didn’t feel important enough to write a book about. I gave my car to my brother. It no longer feels like my car. He wrecked it while I was gone, at least he’s okay, but he made the car his while I was gone, no big deal, he needs it more than me anyways. So he has my car now. I just get around on my bike which I enjoy very much actually. I haven’t had access to wifi in quite a while now because I am bouncing around, and even at my mom’s place she just uses her Galaxy Tablet mobile Hot Spot which honestly does not give good enough internet signal for me to want to use it. My mom supports my plan to just pack up and leave, my dad is okay with it, but not to fond of it at the same time, because he knows I am going to do it no matter what. That’s really it.

-Noodles Out!


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