I Was Enjoying My Night

That’s right, I was enjoying my night, and my entire day actually. I’ll start out with all of the good, and I’ll explain the rest, which is really not even a big deal, I’m just being a complainer. Any who, today started out a bit early, around 9:30 I woke up and rubbed my eyes. After a few minutes of chatting with my mom about our plans for the day I ate a nice heaping bowl of cinnamon  Cherio-O’s. They were delicious. Then I sat around for a few hours waiting for a text message. Today I planned on going out to swim with my old room mates at a creek in Durham and then have a BBQ. The text came quite a bit later than I was expecting (around noon) but I was still pleased because there was still plenty of time in the day to go out and have some fun. Eric, my old room mate, called up one of his friends who was also gonna come out to swim and asked if he could give me a ride and sure enough he could. So he swung on over to the Graduate where he picked me up. He seems like a nice enough guy, and after spending the afternoon together I feel like we would get along pretty good considering how comfortable he is in his own skin, for a change I wasn’t the only guy announcing that I was going to be getting naked in front of every one and didn’t care who took a quick peak or picture.

The swimming was great, the water was the perfect temperature, and there were even some nice deep spots. Deep enough that I was able to climb a fairly tall tree and jump out into the water. After swimming and taking stupid pictures we decided to head back to Jade’s house where we decided we weren’t going to have a BBQ anymore, and instead just go up to Chico for some Pizza at Mountain Mikes. But going back home isn’t as lame as it sounds, Curtis, Eric’s co-worker (who gave me a ride) decided to ride in the bed of the truck surfer style! Of course we took video, because it was rather funny, and the road isn’t exactly smooth as there were some nice size hills the truck had to climb to get back out to the road, so we got some good laughs. Once we were back at Jade’s house I put some dry clothes on, they called and ordered a pizza, then we all headed up to Chico. We had a nice lunch, Eric paid which was very generous, and then after we were finished, Curtis went off to work, and we drove over to Pet Works to see what the pet store had to check out. Long story short, Eric ended up buying a Guinea Pig with all the needed accessories totally $145 dollars. Talk about your impulse buyer, but I can’t say I blame him because the thing was so dang cute!

I got dropped off later at my mom’s only after stopping by a few places for Eric to show off his new pet. I sat around for a few minutes, and then she announced she was going on a bike ride so I joined in. We first had to stop at Sports LTD though so that I could get some air in my tires because they were low and I don’t have a bike pump. Once they got what they needed we headed out the door and not 50 feet after leaving the door my tire started leaking so fast that I could hear and before I knew it it was completely flat. So I walked it back in, told him what happened, and he threw a new tube in for me. Cost me a total of about seven bucks so not so bad. Finally we could get on with our bike ride. The weather was good, and the ride felt better, we did about 10 miles tonight I think, and had a good talk about my travels and my views on some things, she mostly just listened because I started going on about a few different things such as Hitch Hiking, CouchSurfing, Travelling, Culture, and Language. But I enjoyed it.

After we got back from the ride, I drank me some water and sat down on my computer to continue organizing it. The other night I started the enormous project of organizing all my personal files and folders. I can’t believe how much data I have accumulated in the last few years! It’s incredible. And going through all of it is kind of fun, because I am finding old pictures that I haven’t seen in a while and lots of funny documents that I wrote. It sure is taking for ever though. Tonight I have just been working on the music part alone, which is by far the most tedious thing to organize. But It has to be done! I figured that I would take a break and write this, and that’s where I can get into why I “WAS” enjoying my night. As I have written about previously I believe, I am a second class homeless citizen at the moment. For the past few nights I have been crashing at my mom’s new studio apartment. It’s nice, but I just sleep on the floor, no complaints there. The problem is she has a terrible problem with snoring, in fact she is actually snoring rather loudly right now. It’s so bad that it actually wakes me up in the middle of the night, which I do not appreciate. I remember when I was still living with my parents as a kid, and my room was all the way at the other side of the house. My door would be closed, and theirs would be closed, but I could sometimes still hear her, and my dad both snoring! It’s incredible, and annoying if your in the same room. I’m hoping that I can get out of here soon though, because I need a nice nights sleep and not be disturbed in the morning. Like I said, it’s not a big deal, I can’t be picky about these things, especially since I have no where else to go at the moment. But It is making it hard to enjoy the night at the moment, ha. Silly me.

That’s all I have to talk about now. Maybe more in the next few days. ;)

-Noodles Out


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