I for the first time in my Adult life have finally set up a budget and I plan on sticking to it to maximize my savings. I loaded Ubuntu on my computer last night and started playing around it, and it’s awesome because it comes preloaded with a bunch of good programs such as a word processor, and a spreadsheet creator. Anyways, I was playing with the spread sheet creator, and I was having a hard time making my own budget sheet, so I went online and in five minutes I found a great template. I just tweaked it a little bit so that It would hold everything I need it to. Hopefully it works out for me, and I’ll be sure to update on how it is going.

As far as the Ubuntu, it’s a learning curve for, the user interface is similar to a Mac in my opinion, but it’s better. So I am just trying to learn where everything is at because that’s the hard part of it all. I’ve used windows my entire life and now all of a sudden I am throwing myself into a completely new environment, but it’s completely exciting, and this is what I love about technology, learning new things rather than doing the same old boring things over and over again.

Tree Planting in Canada this summer sounds pretty awesome. I’m doing as much research on the topic as I can, but it looks like if I can get hired doing this I can come out making a minimum of five thousand dollars in 2 or 3 months! Come January I am going to start applying for jobs and hopefully I can get an interview and explain what I NEED a job like that. I know I can handle the hard physical and mental work, and with a job like that I will be able to fund some extra fun travel, and new tattoos of course.

That’s all,

-Noodles Out!


Time To Pay It Off

Just a short update today. Finally I got a reply back from Freak Mike at the Swastika Freak Shop in Radolfzell, Germany about paying my tattoo. I’m gonna be able to pay it off via Paypal which is very nice and convenient as I can easily send Euros and it does all the conversion for me. I’m already considering how and when I will be able to go back for more tattoos by those guys.

Right now I am backing up all the data on my phone so that I can do a quick restore on it and set my new e-mail address as the default, beacuse my old one is just to cluttered with junk and spam. The new one is just for personal use which is nice, and less junk gets sent to it, although I am sure in time It will accumulate the same amount of  junk.

Today at work I am going to go and talk to my General Manager about getting a promotion. I know I can do the job properly, and I know that I will be good at the job, the only thing that bothers me is the fact that I am planning on moving to Santa Cruz in January. The plus of everything is that I will be getting a small pay raise, and I will get some more job experience under my belt. The down sides are if I take the job and follow through with moving to Santa Cruz in January, I will more than likely piss off the management here, and will have a much lower chance of getting a transfer to a store in Santa Cruz, and if I do get a transfer, I will probably have to take a lower paying position because lead positions just don’t open up all the time. Although I feel as if even if I don’t take the position and I move to Santa Cruz in January I will not get a transfer, that’s just the vibe I get from this store and the management. So we will see, I am going to talk to him about it today, and hopefully everything goes good. I don’t plan on mentioning my plan to move to Santa Cruz until the very End of November.

In other news I finally had the chance to do some laundry yesterday, and it feels so good to wear clean clothes! I love it. But It upsetting because I know that in a few weeks time I will have to wash my clothes again, :/ Oh well, that is life I suppose.

For my travels, as I have mentioned before, I now have three options on the table for me, and three very good options. The first one, which I would like to do the most is saving as much money as possible so that I can go back to Germany and spend a year there trying to learn the language by immersing myself in it totally, and doing a little bit of travelling on the side as well. I also feel confident I will be able to find some kind of odd job there so I can make a little bit of money. While there I would like to get tattooed by the guys at the Freakshop again. We will see though, I have a year to save and plan for that. The second option would be just starting out on The USA for a huge cross country hitch hiking trip to see as much as possible and live a happy life like a hobo, and working odd jobs here and there to get money to fund further travels of the world.  And the third option would be starting my travels in Austrailia with a guy I met while I was in Berlin this summer. He already put the offer out there for me for this year, but given my current financial situation and such, I would not be able to do that. So everything I am planning is going to start next year! I’m going to shoot for leaving everything in July, which gives me 10 months to save and plan. Sacrifices have to made to get what I want, and right now that sacrifice might be just staying in Grass Valley until the summer. But I’m gonna try and avoid that.

That’s all for now though.

-Noodles Out!

Dirty Tee-Shirts

What a way to start the day. It’s 10am right now, and I have been up for 3 hours so far. Everyone at the apartment had to wake up early and get out of the house by 8am because the flat is being inspected by some inspectors because we were reported for being messy or something. Everyone besides brad had to leave because no one besides him is on the lease and they would not like that 4 other people are living there. So we all had to hide our junk and clean the shit out of the apartment to make it look all clean and as if only one person actually lives there. It’s not all bad though. I did get paid today! At the moment I’m just sitting in the break room where I work watching someones little girl color in a coloring book. I don’t start work for an hour though, so I’m just killing time.

The last few days have been great, although the other night I got rather upset with my parents, I’m over it now. My day off was on Wednesday and it was awesome. Karl and I found a ride down to the river and enjoyed a nice few hours just relaxing in the sun and swimming, jumping off some big cliffs and rocks in the cool and refreshing water. Later in the day some other friends came down, and they showed me some sweet underwater caves that we could explore and how much fun a little waterfall can be. Good times.

As for our Couchsurfer Karl, he’s been great. Everyone really enjoys his company and everything he has to say, he’s a very wise person and I am glad to have met him. Today he is out working doing some brush clean up for a friend of his, and eventually he should be getting another job with some people for decent money, and I think when that time comes he will leave our apartment. I need to get a guestbook, and I’d like to purchase him a small gift for when he leaves. We will see though.

I’m looking into buying a Journal soon as well so that I can start writing down my thoughts and such. I think my priorities have a changed a bit as well, and by that I mean how everything is going to work out and moving down to Santa Cruz and starting my travels and such. But they will all get sorted out in time. Whatever happens I am going to be happy.

-Noodles Out

Grass Valley

Finally got all moved into the apartment with my friends up in Grass Valley. Pretty excited. Even though it’s the same as every day life anywhere else, just now I am in the comfort of my friends who are like my family. The weekend was pretty good. I spent a lot of time at the beach with friends body surfing and skim boarding, and on the last day I thought I almost broke my leg! It hurt so bad and Kevin had to help pull me out of the water because I couldn’t move my leg it was so painful. Even though after a few minutes I could stand again I was still willing to go back out and do it again because I love the ocean and everything about, even the waves which for the first time in my life hurt me! Later that night I enjoyed some Dinner at Betty’s Burger with Kevin and afterwords we went out and got some Frozen Yogurt. It was so delicious! I can’t believe how amazing they can makes those flavors.  Around 10pm I ended up heading for. I made it to Grass Valley no problem, wasn’t tired even stayed for a couple hours to talk with Brad, but he eventually wanted some sleep, so I brought my bike up stairs and left so I could head down to Los Molinos where my dad lives. I made it like 30 miles and I had to pull over at the Gas Station at the bottom of the hill because I was falling asleep at the wheel. I sleep for a good hour, woke up and bought myself a coffee. Made it home on that and then dad took me to Yuba City in the Morning around 10.

Yuba City, where more adventures started! I met my friends Adam and Heather, and some of their friends and we all went down in the same car to Berkeley to watch Adam get his Transcrotal done by Brian Decker.  We got down a bit early, but Brian was there, so we ended up talking to him a bit, and he was really cool this time, I remember him last time being really quiet and reserved, but he was super friendly this time. I was amazing. I think it had something to do with the fact that I was with Adam, and now I had visible tattoos and my lobes were even pierced! Ha, either way, we had some good discussions. Finally the fun stuff started and Adam got his nuts split open and then sewed back together in a fashion so that there was a nice 1/2 inch hole in center! It turned out very good, Brian always does perfect work.

On the way back home, it occurred to me that they could not take me to Grass Valley, which was fine, so I said drop me off in Davis and I will hitch hike home. We got to Davis after dark though, so I decided it would probably be best to just find  a place to stay, and I ended up staying with an old friend from high school who is going to school in Davis. He was busy having a little party at his place but let me just crash on his floor and understood why I was so tired. In the morning I woke up, said good by and walked to the perfect spot to hitch hike. I stood for like an hour I think and finally some guy picked me up. Nice clean looking guy, but seemed a bit angry at the person he was yelling at over his phone. He was easy to talk to afterwords though, we talked and talked and talk. It finally came out that he works for the porn industry and does some Gay Porn as well, haha. Pretty funny if you asked me, and then when I mentioned I was also gay he couldn’t stop complimenting me and telling me how “fine” I was. I was flattered.

The porn fella dropped me off in Sacramento where I ended up calling my Grandma to go hang out with for a bit, she was nice and made me lunch and a dinner! We talked about my travels through Europe quite a bit, and I got scolded for my new tattoos that she had not seen before. It was a good visit and then she decided that she wanted to bring me back to Grass Valley. And next week when I have some time off I am going to hitch my way down there again to fix up her computer because it has a bunch of viruses. It’s really the least I can do for her I guess.

Yesterday was my first day of work at the new store in Grass Valley. It was alright, they started me out by finishing up the certs I haven’t finished yet, and after that they had me out on the floor pushing some load and helping customers. I felt like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I was running around not knowing where anything was, and the amount of customers they have in that store is pretty incredible, even just one day, which wasn’t busy by their standards at all, was just impressive. We never had that many customers at the same time in Chico or Red Bluff. But I like it, and it’s good job experience and will help me better my task managing skills. I actually have to head off to work now in a few minutes. So that’s all for now.

-Noodles Out!

Study Parties

I don’t study or anything, I mean I did drop out of school. But right now I am sitting here in Santa Cruz at Cabrillo College with my buddy Robert while he studies for some project for his Engineering Class. The worst part of it all, it’s a Sunday! Who seriously studies on a Sunday. Maybe that’s Why I am never got straight A’s.

The last few days have been alright though. IN summary I worked my last day at the Staples store in Chico, took my mom out to dinner for an early birthday present, moved the rest of my stuff up to Grass Valley, and watched my best friend get his apadravya pierced. It was wonderful! Another fun adventure was picking up a hitch hiker on the side of the road for the first time since being back. He was a smelly old man quite honestly, and at first I thought I was picking up just another homeless man. Come to find out he’s just a hobo, which is actually different from a homeless person.  It was even noticeable in his choice of vocabulary that he was just another homeless person. He did choose the hobo lifestyle, and even though he is homeless, it he not like a typical homeless person. He had a great outlook on life, and loved to talk and have conversations about travels and his experiences in his 51 years of life. I bought him some food, and was planning on dropping him off on the I80E so that he could try and hitch a ride to Reno, Nevada. I was just going to drop him off after I dropped my stuff off at my new apartment and on my way to Santa Cruz drop him there. It ended up that my room mate/best friend wanted to meet the guy, so I brought him with me to the apartment. Brad was friendly and even gave him twenty bucks, we all talked for a while, and then finally we hit the road again. He ended up going straight to Santa Cruz with me! It was awesome, Finally I had some company for a long trip. Hopefully soon I can give more back to people, because I like helping out people.

Now, onto the juicy part of the story, watching my buddy Robert get his pecker pierced. I was so nervous for him honestly, just because I knew exactly how it felt to be in his position. But after waiting for about a half hour with his pants around his knees, things were starting to roll! Everything was in place, as were all the other people in the room, and wow! Robert handled it so well, I was pretty impressed with him. He yelled and groaned a bit, but he was no where near as bad as me when I got it. I was so proud of him, because that’s such a nerve wracking piercing to anticipate. It was awesome for sure though. Sammy at Chimera Tattoo/Way Body Arts in Santa Cruz is a great piercer, one of the best I know.

That was pretty much the end of the night, we hung out for a bit and talked, I finally got to meet Miguel, who is incredibly nice. After a bit of chit chat we just headed back home, Robert took his first piss, which was rather fun, he was more nervous for that than the piercing it self.  The following day we just hung out for a long while, and went to the little study group I mentioned in the beginning of this post. A little later we headed to panther beach, which is a Nude Beach! That was incredible, the beach was great, and so was the weather. We explored a sweet cave/tunnel type thing, and of course frolicked naked on the beach for a bit, took some sweet pictures. It was a good time.  Never bonded so much with a friend in 2 days before.

Hopefully later today, since Robert has school and work, and everyone else is kinda busy, I can hang out with this guy Angel who I recently started talking to.  It’ll be nice to do something with someone new.  I’m hoping we can grab some lunch to, because I could use me a good lunch, haha.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Berkely to watch my friend Adam get his Transscrotal done by the fabulous Brain Decker! I’m really stoked to see it done, and for him.  That’s all I have to say though. Work on Thursday.

-Noodles Out

Three Card Draw

For the past week I have been staying with my mom at her single bedroom apartment, and as I am sure I have complained about it at least once already, She snores very loudly and keeps me up at night. As a result, I have started playing Solitaire on my computer. One card draw is just to easy for me, so I switched it up and started playing three card draw. This shit is just to hard for me. Out of 63 games, I have only won 2 of those. It’s ridiculous, sometimes I don’t even get all the way through the deck of cards before the computer tells me there are no more available moves left. I suppose that’s convenient though, I remember back in the Windows XP days where you could keep searching for that last move for hours before you finally gave up.

Saturday night after I got off work I found a ride up to Grass Valley. For the first time since arriving back in the States I was finally able to see the rest of my friends. It felt good to see everyone, especially brad. We all had a great time, nothing to crazy. I gave Peanutty a toe knuckle tattoo which actually turned out fairly decent; I would upload a picture with this post, but I’m using my mom’s Samsung Galaxy tablet mobile hotspot, and she only has a 1gb data plan.

There was some adventure though the other night. Peanutty invited me along to go Water Ballooning by the apartments. I agreed after a few minutes of debating, so he got the balloons ready and we walked to our spot. He and his friend wanted to crouch in some bushes in the dark behind a fence which would make the throwing distance pretty far and lower the chances of actually hitting a passing car way to much for my liking. So I took a balloon and went onto the side walk and waited for my first victim. The target came quick, a red mustang I believe. I aimed quick and poorly and tossed my water grenade. I missed of course, but the driver sure didn’t ignore the fact that I attacked his car with a water bomb. I saw break lights, and the next thing I know they were backing up rapidly towards me so I bolted up the hill towards the apartments. This in all honesty was probably the worst direction I could have ran, considering it was up hole, and it was a paved entrence for cars, so the car followed me up. I took a turn up some stairs and dashed behind some apartment buildings. I heard the people in the car get out and yell that I better run quick because when they caught me they were gonna cut me. They must of thought I was throwing rocks. After hiding out behind one building for about a minute I looked over and saw the road, which they could drive by at any moment and see me, so I took off around the corner headed towards the apartment again. I heard the people yell yet again “I see you you little bastard, you better hope you can run fast cause were coming to cut your ass!” My adrenaline was pumping pretty hardcore by now. Because I am so out of shape, my legs were starting to get tired already, after running up the hill, and then the asthma kicked in! Oh shit, the asthma, Worst attack in probably forever for me, but I pushed through, thank Satan for adrenaline!  After a few yards of running out of breath, I ended up running through someones back yard displays, which included wind chimes, glass ornaments, and various other objects, all of which I broke and got tangled in. It hurt a bit, especially when I fell to the ground, but I got up quickly knowing that the people from the car were probably catching up to me pretty quick now, and then I took a step and fell over again, I was still tangled in something! Crap, I was making so much noise, I was scarred that the person who lived in the house was gonna come out and see me out there rolling around in this mess, and then the people from the car would catch me, and it would have just been pretty ugly. I made it out though! I kept running, my legs were so tingly, I was almost not able to hold myself up, I was tripping up and down hills trying to get back to my apartment. Finally after running for what seemed like forever, I made it, stumbling up the stairs and finally crawling through the door and locking it. The girls asked me what happened and looked a little scared, and I was just breathing and inspecting my legs for cuts and scrapes. There were only a few. I told them what happened, and then just chilled the rest of the night. Thankfully Brad had an inhaler I could use. And that’s how that adventure ended, and you better know I would do it all over again.

Other than that, nothing big went on. Monday afternoon I went into the Staples to meet my new manager, he wasn’t there but I got to talk to the operations manager which was cool. Got my schedule and mentioned that I would like to request a weekend off at the end of the month. We will see how that goes.  Nothing else to talk about! Moving next Wednesday. peace out till then!

-Noodles Out!

Good Vibes

The last few days have been going great for me. I don’t have much to say about it all, so this will be a short post in comparison to the last one, but it will still have all the incriminating information of my life that is one day going to get my fired from a good job that I don’t ever want to get in the first place. As I may or may not have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I will be moving to Grass Valley this month, I was expecting to move at the end of the month and to quit my job. Last week i went into work with my two weeks notice to leave Staples forever! I went in, talked to my boss, and I could tell he was upset with me, especially because I had just gotten back from a three month vacation that he graciously granted to me for the summer. After talking for a bit I mentioned the Grass Valley store and he said that he would call to see if they needed any extra help so I could potentially do a transfer. To be completely honest I don’t really want to work for staples anymore, but I need to save as much money as possible so that in January I will be able to make the move with Brad to Santa Cruz and live down there for the rest of my life! So I figured if I got a job down there, great! If not, then oh well, I’ll find something new in a month or two, because I’m good at finding jobs. Sure enough there was an opening, and Tom (my boss) put in my transfer and now I will be working up there, my first day is the 15th of September! So only 12 more days. I’ll be moving all my stuff down the day before. Hopefully it all goes smoothly, but we will see, nothing ever works out as planned, for example me still working for staples, that was never in the plan!

Not much else is really new, I’m really ready to move. I’m not enjoying staying with my mom, but it’s really the easiest thing for me to do, because I can stay here every night. But I really get annoyed that I have to leave when she has company over, and that I can’t stay out later if i want, because she doesn’t want to come down and unlock the lobby door so I can come in. I know she raised me for 20 years nearly, and I shouldn’t really complain and I should respect her, but I have made some huge sacrifices and have been helping out my family quite a bit through all these struggles, and I have really been shown much appreciation for it.  I guess that’s life, maybe the appreciation is me sleeping at the foot of the bed I gave her, on the floor with no blankets and only a pillow every night? I’m not complaining, I’m just getting cranky. I have no privacy, she snores very loud at night, her neighbors are rather loud as well. Ehh, It’s life.

I did recently get my stomach cut and some temporary piercings just for pictures! My best friend Brad’s birthday is Today actually, and for his birthday I had his name lightly cut into my stomach, and then had 6 temporary surface to surface piercings done, with out any jewelry, just put a needle through and pulled it out and let it bleed. Only had them done so there would be more blood for the pictures. After I was satisfied with the amount of blood, we went out side, and I got naked in the parking lot and took pictures! It was pretty fun, lol, and then I sent them his way, and posted them on his facebook wall this morning. I’m satisfied that he enjoyed them. A little crazy and off the wall, but that’s how our friendship is, ha. Enjoy the picture below.

-Noodles Out