Good Vibes

The last few days have been going great for me. I don’t have much to say about it all, so this will be a short post in comparison to the last one, but it will still have all the incriminating information of my life that is one day going to get my fired from a good job that I don’t ever want to get in the first place. As I may or may not have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I will be moving to Grass Valley this month, I was expecting to move at the end of the month and to quit my job. Last week i went into work with my two weeks notice to leave Staples forever! I went in, talked to my boss, and I could tell he was upset with me, especially because I had just gotten back from a three month vacation that he graciously granted to me for the summer. After talking for a bit I mentioned the Grass Valley store and he said that he would call to see if they needed any extra help so I could potentially do a transfer. To be completely honest I don’t really want to work for staples anymore, but I need to save as much money as possible so that in January I will be able to make the move with Brad to Santa Cruz and live down there for the rest of my life! So I figured if I got a job down there, great! If not, then oh well, I’ll find something new in a month or two, because I’m good at finding jobs. Sure enough there was an opening, and Tom (my boss) put in my transfer and now I will be working up there, my first day is the 15th of September! So only 12 more days. I’ll be moving all my stuff down the day before. Hopefully it all goes smoothly, but we will see, nothing ever works out as planned, for example me still working for staples, that was never in the plan!

Not much else is really new, I’m really ready to move. I’m not enjoying staying with my mom, but it’s really the easiest thing for me to do, because I can stay here every night. But I really get annoyed that I have to leave when she has company over, and that I can’t stay out later if i want, because she doesn’t want to come down and unlock the lobby door so I can come in. I know she raised me for 20 years nearly, and I shouldn’t really complain and I should respect her, but I have made some huge sacrifices and have been helping out my family quite a bit through all these struggles, and I have really been shown much appreciation for it.  I guess that’s life, maybe the appreciation is me sleeping at the foot of the bed I gave her, on the floor with no blankets and only a pillow every night? I’m not complaining, I’m just getting cranky. I have no privacy, she snores very loud at night, her neighbors are rather loud as well. Ehh, It’s life.

I did recently get my stomach cut and some temporary piercings just for pictures! My best friend Brad’s birthday is Today actually, and for his birthday I had his name lightly cut into my stomach, and then had 6 temporary surface to surface piercings done, with out any jewelry, just put a needle through and pulled it out and let it bleed. Only had them done so there would be more blood for the pictures. After I was satisfied with the amount of blood, we went out side, and I got naked in the parking lot and took pictures! It was pretty fun, lol, and then I sent them his way, and posted them on his facebook wall this morning. I’m satisfied that he enjoyed them. A little crazy and off the wall, but that’s how our friendship is, ha. Enjoy the picture below.

-Noodles Out


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