Three Card Draw

For the past week I have been staying with my mom at her single bedroom apartment, and as I am sure I have complained about it at least once already, She snores very loudly and keeps me up at night. As a result, I have started playing Solitaire on my computer. One card draw is just to easy for me, so I switched it up and started playing three card draw. This shit is just to hard for me. Out of 63 games, I have only won 2 of those. It’s ridiculous, sometimes I don’t even get all the way through the deck of cards before the computer tells me there are no more available moves left. I suppose that’s convenient though, I remember back in the Windows XP days where you could keep searching for that last move for hours before you finally gave up.

Saturday night after I got off work I found a ride up to Grass Valley. For the first time since arriving back in the States I was finally able to see the rest of my friends. It felt good to see everyone, especially brad. We all had a great time, nothing to crazy. I gave Peanutty a toe knuckle tattoo which actually turned out fairly decent; I would upload a picture with this post, but I’m using my mom’s Samsung Galaxy tablet mobile hotspot, and she only has a 1gb data plan.

There was some adventure though the other night. Peanutty invited me along to go Water Ballooning by the apartments. I agreed after a few minutes of debating, so he got the balloons ready and we walked to our spot. He and his friend wanted to crouch in some bushes in the dark behind a fence which would make the throwing distance pretty far and lower the chances of actually hitting a passing car way to much for my liking. So I took a balloon and went onto the side walk and waited for my first victim. The target came quick, a red mustang I believe. I aimed quick and poorly and tossed my water grenade. I missed of course, but the driver sure didn’t ignore the fact that I attacked his car with a water bomb. I saw break lights, and the next thing I know they were backing up rapidly towards me so I bolted up the hill towards the apartments. This in all honesty was probably the worst direction I could have ran, considering it was up hole, and it was a paved entrence for cars, so the car followed me up. I took a turn up some stairs and dashed behind some apartment buildings. I heard the people in the car get out and yell that I better run quick because when they caught me they were gonna cut me. They must of thought I was throwing rocks. After hiding out behind one building for about a minute I looked over and saw the road, which they could drive by at any moment and see me, so I took off around the corner headed towards the apartment again. I heard the people yell yet again “I see you you little bastard, you better hope you can run fast cause were coming to cut your ass!” My adrenaline was pumping pretty hardcore by now. Because I am so out of shape, my legs were starting to get tired already, after running up the hill, and then the asthma kicked in! Oh shit, the asthma, Worst attack in probably forever for me, but I pushed through, thank Satan for adrenaline!  After a few yards of running out of breath, I ended up running through someones back yard displays, which included wind chimes, glass ornaments, and various other objects, all of which I broke and got tangled in. It hurt a bit, especially when I fell to the ground, but I got up quickly knowing that the people from the car were probably catching up to me pretty quick now, and then I took a step and fell over again, I was still tangled in something! Crap, I was making so much noise, I was scarred that the person who lived in the house was gonna come out and see me out there rolling around in this mess, and then the people from the car would catch me, and it would have just been pretty ugly. I made it out though! I kept running, my legs were so tingly, I was almost not able to hold myself up, I was tripping up and down hills trying to get back to my apartment. Finally after running for what seemed like forever, I made it, stumbling up the stairs and finally crawling through the door and locking it. The girls asked me what happened and looked a little scared, and I was just breathing and inspecting my legs for cuts and scrapes. There were only a few. I told them what happened, and then just chilled the rest of the night. Thankfully Brad had an inhaler I could use. And that’s how that adventure ended, and you better know I would do it all over again.

Other than that, nothing big went on. Monday afternoon I went into the Staples to meet my new manager, he wasn’t there but I got to talk to the operations manager which was cool. Got my schedule and mentioned that I would like to request a weekend off at the end of the month. We will see how that goes.  Nothing else to talk about! Moving next Wednesday. peace out till then!

-Noodles Out!


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