Study Parties

I don’t study or anything, I mean I did drop out of school. But right now I am sitting here in Santa Cruz at Cabrillo College with my buddy Robert while he studies for some project for his Engineering Class. The worst part of it all, it’s a Sunday! Who seriously studies on a Sunday. Maybe that’s Why I am never got straight A’s.

The last few days have been alright though. IN summary I worked my last day at the Staples store in Chico, took my mom out to dinner for an early birthday present, moved the rest of my stuff up to Grass Valley, and watched my best friend get his apadravya pierced. It was wonderful! Another fun adventure was picking up a hitch hiker on the side of the road for the first time since being back. He was a smelly old man quite honestly, and at first I thought I was picking up just another homeless man. Come to find out he’s just a hobo, which is actually different from a homeless person.  It was even noticeable in his choice of vocabulary that he was just another homeless person. He did choose the hobo lifestyle, and even though he is homeless, it he not like a typical homeless person. He had a great outlook on life, and loved to talk and have conversations about travels and his experiences in his 51 years of life. I bought him some food, and was planning on dropping him off on the I80E so that he could try and hitch a ride to Reno, Nevada. I was just going to drop him off after I dropped my stuff off at my new apartment and on my way to Santa Cruz drop him there. It ended up that my room mate/best friend wanted to meet the guy, so I brought him with me to the apartment. Brad was friendly and even gave him twenty bucks, we all talked for a while, and then finally we hit the road again. He ended up going straight to Santa Cruz with me! It was awesome, Finally I had some company for a long trip. Hopefully soon I can give more back to people, because I like helping out people.

Now, onto the juicy part of the story, watching my buddy Robert get his pecker pierced. I was so nervous for him honestly, just because I knew exactly how it felt to be in his position. But after waiting for about a half hour with his pants around his knees, things were starting to roll! Everything was in place, as were all the other people in the room, and wow! Robert handled it so well, I was pretty impressed with him. He yelled and groaned a bit, but he was no where near as bad as me when I got it. I was so proud of him, because that’s such a nerve wracking piercing to anticipate. It was awesome for sure though. Sammy at Chimera Tattoo/Way Body Arts in Santa Cruz is a great piercer, one of the best I know.

That was pretty much the end of the night, we hung out for a bit and talked, I finally got to meet Miguel, who is incredibly nice. After a bit of chit chat we just headed back home, Robert took his first piss, which was rather fun, he was more nervous for that than the piercing it self.  The following day we just hung out for a long while, and went to the little study group I mentioned in the beginning of this post. A little later we headed to panther beach, which is a Nude Beach! That was incredible, the beach was great, and so was the weather. We explored a sweet cave/tunnel type thing, and of course frolicked naked on the beach for a bit, took some sweet pictures. It was a good time.  Never bonded so much with a friend in 2 days before.

Hopefully later today, since Robert has school and work, and everyone else is kinda busy, I can hang out with this guy Angel who I recently started talking to.  It’ll be nice to do something with someone new.  I’m hoping we can grab some lunch to, because I could use me a good lunch, haha.

Tomorrow afternoon I am going to Berkely to watch my friend Adam get his Transscrotal done by the fabulous Brain Decker! I’m really stoked to see it done, and for him.  That’s all I have to say though. Work on Thursday.

-Noodles Out


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