Grass Valley

Finally got all moved into the apartment with my friends up in Grass Valley. Pretty excited. Even though it’s the same as every day life anywhere else, just now I am in the comfort of my friends who are like my family. The weekend was pretty good. I spent a lot of time at the beach with friends body surfing and skim boarding, and on the last day I thought I almost broke my leg! It hurt so bad and Kevin had to help pull me out of the water because I couldn’t move my leg it was so painful. Even though after a few minutes I could stand again I was still willing to go back out and do it again because I love the ocean and everything about, even the waves which for the first time in my life hurt me! Later that night I enjoyed some Dinner at Betty’s Burger with Kevin and afterwords we went out and got some Frozen Yogurt. It was so delicious! I can’t believe how amazing they can makes those flavors.  Around 10pm I ended up heading for. I made it to Grass Valley no problem, wasn’t tired even stayed for a couple hours to talk with Brad, but he eventually wanted some sleep, so I brought my bike up stairs and left so I could head down to Los Molinos where my dad lives. I made it like 30 miles and I had to pull over at the Gas Station at the bottom of the hill because I was falling asleep at the wheel. I sleep for a good hour, woke up and bought myself a coffee. Made it home on that and then dad took me to Yuba City in the Morning around 10.

Yuba City, where more adventures started! I met my friends Adam and Heather, and some of their friends and we all went down in the same car to Berkeley to watch Adam get his Transcrotal done by Brian Decker.  We got down a bit early, but Brian was there, so we ended up talking to him a bit, and he was really cool this time, I remember him last time being really quiet and reserved, but he was super friendly this time. I was amazing. I think it had something to do with the fact that I was with Adam, and now I had visible tattoos and my lobes were even pierced! Ha, either way, we had some good discussions. Finally the fun stuff started and Adam got his nuts split open and then sewed back together in a fashion so that there was a nice 1/2 inch hole in center! It turned out very good, Brian always does perfect work.

On the way back home, it occurred to me that they could not take me to Grass Valley, which was fine, so I said drop me off in Davis and I will hitch hike home. We got to Davis after dark though, so I decided it would probably be best to just find  a place to stay, and I ended up staying with an old friend from high school who is going to school in Davis. He was busy having a little party at his place but let me just crash on his floor and understood why I was so tired. In the morning I woke up, said good by and walked to the perfect spot to hitch hike. I stood for like an hour I think and finally some guy picked me up. Nice clean looking guy, but seemed a bit angry at the person he was yelling at over his phone. He was easy to talk to afterwords though, we talked and talked and talk. It finally came out that he works for the porn industry and does some Gay Porn as well, haha. Pretty funny if you asked me, and then when I mentioned I was also gay he couldn’t stop complimenting me and telling me how “fine” I was. I was flattered.

The porn fella dropped me off in Sacramento where I ended up calling my Grandma to go hang out with for a bit, she was nice and made me lunch and a dinner! We talked about my travels through Europe quite a bit, and I got scolded for my new tattoos that she had not seen before. It was a good visit and then she decided that she wanted to bring me back to Grass Valley. And next week when I have some time off I am going to hitch my way down there again to fix up her computer because it has a bunch of viruses. It’s really the least I can do for her I guess.

Yesterday was my first day of work at the new store in Grass Valley. It was alright, they started me out by finishing up the certs I haven’t finished yet, and after that they had me out on the floor pushing some load and helping customers. I felt like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I was running around not knowing where anything was, and the amount of customers they have in that store is pretty incredible, even just one day, which wasn’t busy by their standards at all, was just impressive. We never had that many customers at the same time in Chico or Red Bluff. But I like it, and it’s good job experience and will help me better my task managing skills. I actually have to head off to work now in a few minutes. So that’s all for now.

-Noodles Out!


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