Dirty Tee-Shirts

What a way to start the day. It’s 10am right now, and I have been up for 3 hours so far. Everyone at the apartment had to wake up early and get out of the house by 8am because the flat is being inspected by some inspectors because we were reported for being messy or something. Everyone besides brad had to leave because no one besides him is on the lease and they would not like that 4 other people are living there. So we all had to hide our junk and clean the shit out of the apartment to make it look all clean and as if only one person actually lives there. It’s not all bad though. I did get paid today! At the moment I’m just sitting in the break room where I work watching someones little girl color in a coloring book. I don’t start work for an hour though, so I’m just killing time.

The last few days have been great, although the other night I got rather upset with my parents, I’m over it now. My day off was on Wednesday and it was awesome. Karl and I found a ride down to the river and enjoyed a nice few hours just relaxing in the sun and swimming, jumping off some big cliffs and rocks in the cool and refreshing water. Later in the day some other friends came down, and they showed me some sweet underwater caves that we could explore and how much fun a little waterfall can be. Good times.

As for our Couchsurfer Karl, he’s been great. Everyone really enjoys his company and everything he has to say, he’s a very wise person and I am glad to have met him. Today he is out working doing some brush clean up for a friend of his, and eventually he should be getting another job with some people for decent money, and I think when that time comes he will leave our apartment. I need to get a guestbook, and I’d like to purchase him a small gift for when he leaves. We will see though.

I’m looking into buying a Journal soon as well so that I can start writing down my thoughts and such. I think my priorities have a changed a bit as well, and by that I mean how everything is going to work out and moving down to Santa Cruz and starting my travels and such. But they will all get sorted out in time. Whatever happens I am going to be happy.

-Noodles Out


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