I for the first time in my Adult life have finally set up a budget and I plan on sticking to it to maximize my savings. I loaded Ubuntu on my computer last night and started playing around it, and it’s awesome because it comes preloaded with a bunch of good programs such as a word processor, and a spreadsheet creator. Anyways, I was playing with the spread sheet creator, and I was having a hard time making my own budget sheet, so I went online and in five minutes I found a great template. I just tweaked it a little bit so that It would hold everything I need it to. Hopefully it works out for me, and I’ll be sure to update on how it is going.

As far as the Ubuntu, it’s a learning curve for, the user interface is similar to a Mac in my opinion, but it’s better. So I am just trying to learn where everything is at because that’s the hard part of it all. I’ve used windows my entire life and now all of a sudden I am throwing myself into a completely new environment, but it’s completely exciting, and this is what I love about technology, learning new things rather than doing the same old boring things over and over again.

Tree Planting in Canada this summer sounds pretty awesome. I’m doing as much research on the topic as I can, but it looks like if I can get hired doing this I can come out making a minimum of five thousand dollars in 2 or 3 months! Come January I am going to start applying for jobs and hopefully I can get an interview and explain what I NEED a job like that. I know I can handle the hard physical and mental work, and with a job like that I will be able to fund some extra fun travel, and new tattoos of course.

That’s all,

-Noodles Out!


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