No Life. Big Changes.

This is going to be mostly a bitch fest of a post. Things have been rough, as they have been for a while now. To start things off with, last night my room mate pissed me off and I ended up putting a hole in a whole. It’s sort of a long story, but what ever, now I have to fix a hole in the wall. Not really a big deal. I’m over living with these people, they are my friends, well, Brad is my friend, but that’s a different story. I can’t stand everyone else. Every single day there is just another reason for me to be happy I chose to be straight edge, because I despise drugs and alcohol. I barely talk to anyone in the house anymore and just sit in my room all day, which is in the kitchen, so I can’t even ignore everyone. Oh well.

As far as work goes, it’s still sucking the life out of me. Just the other day though I found out that my old managers from Chico really want me back, and when they found out that I am going to be homeless again they really started pushing for it to make sure I could end up back at their store. I suppose that would be nice in a perfect world. But I am so damned sick of working for Staples. it’s shit money, a dead end job, and I can’t possibly do three to four different jobs at the same time even though they expect me to for only 9 dollars an hour.

On the plus though my Friend Mateo from Way Body Arts in Santa Cruz, California pierced my nipples the other day. It was no where near as bad as I was anticipating and I am very pleased with the way they turned out. Which leads me into some rather exciting fun stuff. I have started hitch hiking quite a bit lately. IN the last week I have taken two trips down to Santa Cruz and back, both with in two days. On my way back the first time I was handcuffed and thrown into a police car and let out down the road a ways. I have met some really cool people, learned more about the Mexican Culture than I thought there was to know, and just had a good time doing it. I love it.

As I think I may have mentioned, or at least started to mention in one of my many drafts this month, I will be homeless again next month. sooner than expect. I need to be out of the apartment by the 20th of November. This is sorta cool I guess. But I am not going to be working at Staples in Grass valley after that, and that’s for sure. I will either move back down to Chico and work at the store there like they want me to, or start out on my travels trying to find some work real quick to make some hard earned cash, and eventually end up in Canada next summer to do some Tree Planting!

Nothing else to say unless you want to here me complain about being broke!!!

-Noodles Out!


Ugh, Work

It’s the time of the day again, well just about. I have to head off to work in about a half hour. Just another day that I’m not really looking forward to. This job is stressful, and a big headache. Physically demanding work sounds much more delightful than what I am doing right now. I seriously can not stand the customers I have to deal with on a day to day basis, always asking the same questions, getting irritated with me because prices are to high and various other things.  I can’t wait until I can escape all that. Tree Planting, that’s my escape, and then I will travel for a few months.

Still trying to pay off my tattoo. I bought a bunch of really cheap food this week though hoping that I can live on that for a couple of weeks to save money. I’m also going to start just eating two meals a day, one big breakfast, and a light dinner to cut back on food. I only need 300 dollars, I know I can save that in a month. We will see though. As long as I can pay rent I’m not to worried about it.

Nothing else to say really. Just been hanging out. Life is going by really quick and it’s scary. I’ve already lived here for just under a month. Yuck.

-Noodles Out!