Ugh, Work

It’s the time of the day again, well just about. I have to head off to work in about a half hour. Just another day that I’m not really looking forward to. This job is stressful, and a big headache. Physically demanding work sounds much more delightful than what I am doing right now. I seriously can not stand the customers I have to deal with on a day to day basis, always asking the same questions, getting irritated with me because prices are to high and various other things.  I can’t wait until I can escape all that. Tree Planting, that’s my escape, and then I will travel for a few months.

Still trying to pay off my tattoo. I bought a bunch of really cheap food this week though hoping that I can live on that for a couple of weeks to save money. I’m also going to start just eating two meals a day, one big breakfast, and a light dinner to cut back on food. I only need 300 dollars, I know I can save that in a month. We will see though. As long as I can pay rent I’m not to worried about it.

Nothing else to say really. Just been hanging out. Life is going by really quick and it’s scary. I’ve already lived here for just under a month. Yuck.

-Noodles Out!


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