4 Hour Early

Split shift today at work. I came in at seven for a mandatory store meeting, and left at ten. It’s now 11:13 and I’m back in the Break Room. My next shift doesn’t start until 15:00 today, but it’s just to cold and smelly in my house for me to want to   sit int here and do nothing. So I’m going to waste my life sitting in the break room of the place I work, which also happens to be one of the places I despise the most.  Work has gotten a little better at least, and  it sounds like we have hired on a couple of new people to help out which is fantastic! We’ll see what happens.

Just tried to order some jewelry for my tongue and ears from Glasswearstudios.com, but there website seems to be having some sort of processing issue, because three times it told me that it could not process my information correctly.  So I guess I’ll have to wait, Oh well, not a big deal I suppose, but I was looking forward to something new and different.  I could save my money for more important things though.

Tomorrow before work I am hoping to visit a few different Thrift Stores in search of some new clothes for the winter, because my wardrobe is not very good. I haven’t even purchased new clothes in a long time.

Ta, Ta for now.


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