Kicking It

First off, Hurray! Sopa/Pipa have been delayed for the time being. That just gives the silly Government more time to rewrite and rethink what they want to do. I’m hoping from the internet black out they will actually realize what they are trying to do and just put a stop to any kind of censorship all together. They  need to realize that no matter what, what they claim to be trying to prevent (Copyright infringement) will never go away, even if it’s “censored”.

As far as me goes, nothing much to update on. Just work work work. I spent the weekend in Redding which was very nice. I got to see my friends at Nathan’s Anthems Tattoos/Piercing hung out for quite a while and even went out to a bar later that night. Got some pinball action in with Dallas, listening to some Reggae jams, and eventually stayed over with a friend. Cool stuff. In the morning (I say morning because that’s when I woke up, but the day was half way over by this time) I woke and walked in the rain back over to the shop to warm up before I hit the road again. I started my journey through Redding in the rain, thankfully someone picked me up half way to my I5 On-ramp destination for hitching. I stood for about 2 or 3 hours before being so cold and wet I decided to take a break and walk to the Denny’s across the street. Had some dinner, and then went out into the rain again. About a half hour in a guy picked me up and took me all the way to Red Bluff where my dad picked me up and took me to Chico (I paid for the gas though).

Last night was good. Went to the gym for a good hour and a half and then stopped by safeway on the way home to pick up some Liquids (milk, almond milk, juices, and cottage cheese) and when I was unlocking my bike to go home a homeless man walked by me. I said hello like I do to anyone passing by, and he smiled and kindly asked me for change so he could try and get some food later that night. I told him “I only have my debit card, so tonight is your lucky night. I am your buffet!” So he wanted McDonald’s and that’s what he got. He got a couple cheese burgers and friends and a drink. I sat outside on the curb with him while he ate. We shared stories, laughed, and related on a bunch of things. When I told him of all the things I have seen and done in the last couple years he was amazed. Finally I had to leave though, it was getting late and I still needed to eat myself. I gave him my business card saying if he needed any help he could call, and said good night. Before I could leave (prepare this tissues, this is the touching part in the story) he told me “The food was really good man, but what I can’t thank you for enough is giving me your friendship.”

He was a good person, he just had a rough start in life, and now, like a wild dog, it is hard to change his ways. Best of luck to him with his future travels of the    States though!




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