Change Much?

Was just browsing through some of my pictures the last year, and I came across what I will attach below. Keep reading before you just scroll to see what I am talking about. Let’s hear the back story first.

I spent 2.5 months tramping through Europe with very little money. I touched down in america August 15th. I came back with a full beard and about 20lbs lighter. On the night of August 17th I shaved my beard and cut my hair off. 9am August 18th I started work again. This was the last time I would shave until the evening of November 29th.  I moved to Grass Valley to escape family problems and a life that I wanted nothing to do with on September 13th as far as I remember. The living conditions here were pretty intense. I’m not even going to get into that. But I enjoyed it.

November 25th was thanksgiving. November 26th I took off around Noon for Santa Cruz. hitch hiking of course. I made it to Santa Cruz November 27th around 3pm I think. That is when the picture (which you will see below) on top was taken. I spent the night on the street while on my way down, and had multiple rides from various people.  I stayed 2 nights. I hitched back to Chico November 28th. When I arrived back in Chico I found out that I was going to have to work the following morning.  I still didn’t have all my stuff. The day was young. I hitched back up to Grass Valley with my bag, Grabbed a few things. And left the same day. I arrived in the early evening. Shaved off my beard around midnight washed my hair, and a few days later went and had my cut at Quick Cuts. The total trip I believe was around 700 miles.

I was completely oblivious to how I looked, how I smelled, and just how careless I was in general. I still don’t care. I am not proud nor am I ashamed. This is part of who I am, and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Let me know what you think please. Leave a comment.

And Finally the long awaited picture!


Thanks for reading, please comment,



Burn Victim

Two weeks ago I experimented with a new type of branding, which I didn’t really know much about, just the general idea. It’s been two weeks, and it is very obvious that more research needs to be done. The initial brand was not all that large, and it expanded to a size of a quarter, and it is very deep. I had a minor infection at one point, but thankfully I got that to calm down and it’s doing better now. It just still looks all gross and what not. I’m ready for round two though.

I was browsing Craigslist the last couple days looking for potential room mates. So far no real good luck. I didn’t have to much hope to begin with though to be honest. I’m still going to meet up a couple of people who say they are interested, but I don’t have a lot of hope for anything to work out.

Lately I have had a few pictures sent to my inbox from my travels this summer. The pictures are nice to see, but only make me long to be on the road even more.

Finally got my vacation time worked out. I will be going to Boston from April 17th – 24th. Looking forward to this very much!!


That’s all. I need to take my keyboard off my computer, the backspace key isn’t working right for some reason. I think there is something under it.

The Sun Is Always Rising In The Sky Somewhere

Right now I’ts 11:30pm. I just finished eating a bowl of pasta and I am trying to decide if I want to take a journey to Santa Cruz tomorrow night after work.  I know if I start then I will get stuck in the cold of the night sleeping somewhere on the ground, or if I’m lucky inside a Carl’s Junior somewhere in the middle of my trip. But It just sounds like a lot of fun!!! I need some adventure in my life right now. I think I’ll do it.

Almost two weeks ago I got some new penile implants put in. These were fairly large and look pretty awesome. Of course not all of the swelling has gone down yet,  but I am very excited for the results when it’s all better. Healing is pretty rough, the first week was real bad. Massive swelling and discomfort, and nightly erections did not feel good at all. The worst is over now. in a week or two my penis should be 100% back to normal, or as “normal” as it gets with implants.

As far as life goes. Things are good. I had a little bit of depression attacking me for a second there. I was feeling very lonely and just sad in general. Living alone and not having any friends around here is really starting to take a toll on me. I think to much, and what put me on edge was the thought that the only social interaction I get is at work. I just go home to sit around alone in my under wear every single night. It’s not really an exciting life. I also can not stop thinking about life on the road. How I long to be a hobo, but a respectable hobo. I have met quite a few in the last few weeks that just make the idea of living on the road seem not as glamorous as I imagine it, although, I know it’s not the greatest from my time spent tramping, but I enjoy it.

Work is going decent. Lots of employee drama, but I can deal with it. It’s way better than the Grass Valley store. Not much else to say about that.

Was planning on taking a week Vacation out to Boston, but that’s not going to happen when I would like it to, one of my coworkers requested that same weekend off before me. So now I have to reschedule, lame! It will all work out eventually though.  On the vacation note. I sent an E-mail to a tattoo artist in Germany about getting some big work done in October or November. if you have been following my blog, you probably know who I’m talking about, I’m not going to say though haha. Looking forward to hearing back from him though. I’m anxious to set something up and buy my plane ticket. :D


Peace out,