Burn Victim

Two weeks ago I experimented with a new type of branding, which I didn’t really know much about, just the general idea. It’s been two weeks, and it is very obvious that more research needs to be done. The initial brand was not all that large, and it expanded to a size of a quarter, and it is very deep. I had a minor infection at one point, but thankfully I got that to calm down and it’s doing better now. It just still looks all gross and what not. I’m ready for round two though.

I was browsing Craigslist the last couple days looking for potential room mates. So far no real good luck. I didn’t have to much hope to begin with though to be honest. I’m still going to meet up a couple of people who say they are interested, but I don’t have a lot of hope for anything to work out.

Lately I have had a few pictures sent to my inbox from my travels this summer. The pictures are nice to see, but only make me long to be on the road even more.

Finally got my vacation time worked out. I will be going to Boston from April 17th – 24th. Looking forward to this very much!!


That’s all. I need to take my keyboard off my computer, the backspace key isn’t working right for some reason. I think there is something under it.


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