Change Much?

Was just browsing through some of my pictures the last year, and I came across what I will attach below. Keep reading before you just scroll to see what I am talking about. Let’s hear the back story first.

I spent 2.5 months tramping through Europe with very little money. I touched down in america August 15th. I came back with a full beard and about 20lbs lighter. On the night of August 17th I shaved my beard and cut my hair off. 9am August 18th I started work again. This was the last time I would shave until the evening of November 29th.  I moved to Grass Valley to escape family problems and a life that I wanted nothing to do with on September 13th as far as I remember. The living conditions here were pretty intense. I’m not even going to get into that. But I enjoyed it.

November 25th was thanksgiving. November 26th I took off around Noon for Santa Cruz. hitch hiking of course. I made it to Santa Cruz November 27th around 3pm I think. That is when the picture (which you will see below) on top was taken. I spent the night on the street while on my way down, and had multiple rides from various people.  I stayed 2 nights. I hitched back to Chico November 28th. When I arrived back in Chico I found out that I was going to have to work the following morning.  I still didn’t have all my stuff. The day was young. I hitched back up to Grass Valley with my bag, Grabbed a few things. And left the same day. I arrived in the early evening. Shaved off my beard around midnight washed my hair, and a few days later went and had my cut at Quick Cuts. The total trip I believe was around 700 miles.

I was completely oblivious to how I looked, how I smelled, and just how careless I was in general. I still don’t care. I am not proud nor am I ashamed. This is part of who I am, and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Let me know what you think please. Leave a comment.

And Finally the long awaited picture!


Thanks for reading, please comment,



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