Livin’ it

I’m enjoying myself quite a bit in Boston. no complaints at all, except, well tonight, I don’t really have anywhere to go for the night, lame sauce. Things have been good though. The city seems surprisingly small, huge at first glance, but small after you see everything, which is okay with me. I am ready to move onto a new city for sure. But not just yet.

Tomorrow morning I am supposed to fly back to California. I’m not getting on my plane. Let the phone blowing up commence. My managers are going to be pissed when i don’t show up for work Wednesday morning, and probably more pissed when I don’t answer my phone. I don’t wanna deal with it, maybe not the most noble of decisions, but what ever. It’s just a job, and a job that I don’t want much to do with any ways.

In other news, I purchased an Ipod the other day. I think I’m going to return it though. They are so expensive, and I don’t really need one, it’s just nice to have so I can always have music, but I think having money to buy food is a bit more important.

That’s really all that’s left o say. I’ll post some pictures up next time. Although, I have not taken many surprisingly. I don’t know why.


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