Much to write.

Whewwww. What a long time it’s been since I was last on a computer, I swear I am so not used to it that it felt weird using the touch pad on my laptop! But it is nice to have it back for the time being. My Dad was nice enough to ship it out to me.
Currently I am sitting here in the Starbucks at Harvard Square in Cambridge. I hang out here all the time.  I’m still jobless, and still homeless. So That’s nice. I went camping once in New Hampshire with friend, visited the Bronx Zoo in New York, and been on multiple job interviews with no luck.  What a journey it has been. But here I am.

I’ll just attach a few pictures for anyone’s enjoyment, and I will make a very nice long detailed post tomorrow or the next day, because I don’t think I have been on here since I was in California back in June!