California Love (Old Draft a few weeks ago)

I am here in San Diego, California currently. Spent the last two days here, and am leaving for Vegas again tomorrow. It’s been a brief but pleasant visit. Great city, great weather, can’t ask for much more, but I did get more! I met up with my friend Pat yesterday evening at the airport to see him off today before he left on his Semester at Sea. Seeing him was great, I just wish we could have had another day together since it has been so long since we have had a chance to actually hang out.

In addition to seeing his pretty face I met up with another friend Rachel who I know from Boston as well, and my other friend that I also met out in Boston. For the most part I have been pretty occupied and time has flown. I’m already looking forward to being back in Vegas and continuing my job hunt. Although I think I may have the hook up with a Temp Agency, but I have to apply and get processed into the system for. I’ll know by next week if anything is going to happen with that, and I will be sure to write about that.

On a side note Hopefully my writings will start to become more frequent now that I have my laptop again. I do remember saying this before though, so I’m not making any promises to myself, and anyone who might be mildly entertained by what I write about.

When I do finally land my self a job and a regular pay check saving is going to be priority number one! Pat’s Semester at Sea ends in Spain in Early May, so I am hoping to make enough money to fly out to Barcelona and meet up with him to travel Europe together, and of course get tattooed again ;). After taking a peak at airline prices and comparing them against numerous other airline venders I am confident I will be able to do this. From what I saw a round trip flight shouldn’t be much more than 900 Dollars. That’s as of now of course, I won’t have the money for at least a month and a half, so this could change drastically, but I’m hoping not.

Here’s some pictures


Also here is a video of the sunset.



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