Just Thinking

In the past I know that I have talked about doing this, many many many times, but finally I think that I am serious about it. The thought is purchasing a domain and having a personal website that I will keep updated much like my Facebook, but not at all. I have been wanting to do away with my Facebook for quite sometime now. I do not like it, or want much of anything to do with it. But it is so convenient as I am able to update my friends from all around the world on what I am doing and share pictures. I don’t post more here because I usually update daily on Facebook, which sort of just makes it seem pointless to write a full post here in detail of what is going on.

The idea will still include me using a word press blog, which will have all of the posts from this page transferred over. I will have a photo gallery, which will be easy for me to upload more pictures directly from the website, instead of having to go into the control panel of the website and manually upload everything, and then insert everything. But I don’t want to make it so that just anyone can upload anything they want, just me. It will probably be a password protected type of thing. Some kind of contact page, and a guestbook for people to write small messages.

I’m not really sure yet. All the ideas are floating around in my head. It’s going to be a serious project though, I haven’t really designed a website in quite a while. And I know nothing about HTML5 yet! But to help pass the time it could be a fun project. And now that I have a job, I will be able to afford purchasing a website and hosting. We’ll see. I’ll make an update if I end up doing something like this, which should maybe be in the next few weeks.

In other news, we now have the Insanity Work Out at my house. So I’m going to start doing that in a week or two, I’d really like to see some results and have a nice body by the time summer rolls around. I’ve said this before, but I always end up giving up. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time.

Also, it has been 6 days since my tongue was split. It still hurts a little. Mostly because of the sutures, but it is feeling so much better! I can eat again, and talk much better. I think today I will have the sutures removed, maybe tomorrow. Gotta call up the guy and talk to him about it.  That’s all though.


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