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It’s very interesting watching the statistic of my blog go up and down, who follows, who likes a post and all of that good stuff.  The biggest thing i really monitor is the amount of traffic coming through. And since the beginning of this month, I have made four posts, this being my fifth. Almost every post has been liked at least once, and one 11 times. The number of people who follow my blog has increased by about 5 or 6 followers. So obviously, people are reading my blog. The amount of hits my blog is getting though is not really going up though. So I’m wondering, does maybe traffic from other WordPress users not count as a unique visit to my website?  It doesn’t really matter much. It’s just a thought. If anyone reading this has some input please leave a comment. :D

Also, if you aren’t following any of the people shown in my screen shots, got check their blogs out! There are some really good ones!



Where My visits Come From


One thought on “Blog Stats

  1. I think that even though people are following your blog, they may not be checking it. I find this to be the case with myself sometimes. I go on streaks of checking other blogs, updating my own, etc. etc.

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