Currently I’m in a rather depressed state of mind. I’m bored, I feel empty, as if I have no purpose, and worst of all, I feel very lonely.  The days have all started to drag on, but manage to blend as one at the same time. Work consumes 50 + hours a week. Although this new job has lost it’s luster since the first couple weeks, working for this company is pretty cool, and a great opportunity for me.

Last week I was sent to work in Pismo Beach, California for a few days. The hours were outrageous! 30 hours of over time in two days. The work wasn’t all that hard, however being on a beach all day long and walking through that much sand is rather tiresome for the body, in addition to the very long hours, early mornings, and late nights. After three days it’s safe to say I was completely exhausted.

Next week is APP, and on Wednesday I leave for Boston, and then California that Saturday as well. Looking very much forward to this. The outcome of everything that goes on during this trip will play a huge role in how my life in the near future goes.

I’m not really sure what else to say. But there is so much I feel like I need to say.

I’m going to leave it at this, as it’s somethign I’m starting to realize.

I think the tramps life is for me though.