Just A Rant

As anyone who reads what I post knows, I recently started working a new job, which I enjoy very  much. However lately I have been having some problems, and it has nothing to do with the work itself. It actually has to do with my sexuality. I consider myself and out of the closet gay man, however I’m not one to go flaunting it and telling every person I meet. I am no different from any straight man, most people tell me they are usually surprised to find out I’m gay. However if I am confronted with the serious and honest question of whether or not I am gay, I am honest about it. Even in the work place. My problem with my current job involves sarcastic comments which includes offensive homophobic slurs that seem to never end in the 10 to 13 hour work days. The very first time the word faggot was direct towards me (even in a joking manner) I instantly stopped in my tracks and made it clear I didn’t want that word said around me again, especially directed at me even in general.

It continued as you might have guess. Along with numerous homosexual jokes such as sucking dicks, taking it in the ass, and being the “woman” in a relationship; basically anything else you can think of as well. On a few different occasions I have brought up that I don’t mind joking around, however the level of offense that has been reached, the repetition, and being singled out exclusively is where the problem is. It still continues.

I haven’t addressed my sexuality with my coworkers, as I haven’t felt it necessary, but I am getting very close to letting that cat out of the bag. Maybe I should first start dropping some racist comments around my coworkers of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, because in my eyes racist comments and homophobic comments are one in the same. it’s discrimination on a particular person for something he or she can not control. In my case it its no painfully obvious, but with a black/Mexican/Asian/etc person their differences are displayed on their skin right before your eyes and instantly the greater majority of people this day in age completely avoid verbalizing any type of slur while these people different from themselves are present. And that is all that I ask for myself as well. Since being anything within the letters of LGBTQ is not always painfully obvious, as a decent human being you should respect everyone equally and not throw out the types of slurs around people you barely know such as coworkers, or friends of friends.

That’s all I’m going to say, it feels as if I have began to ramble. If anyone has some input on the situation I am faced with, please let me know in the comment section. :) Thanks



My daily news source online comes from Rawstory.com. I find the news there to be rather reliable, up to date, and covering the topics I care about the most, and far less one sided than most major news sources on the Internet and television. Today as the home page loaded, I clicked through the headlines to see what was hot in the news. As an openly gay citizen, headlines involving LGBT anything catch my eye and draw me in instantly. Today when I clicked on the article titled Indiana teacher wants straight prom because LGBT people have no ‘purpose’ I was outraged after reading only the first sentence! I encourage anyone reading my rant, to please go and read the article. For those who are to lazy, fear not, Here are some lines I am quoting for you.

A special education teacher from Sullivan, Indiana is joining a group of students, parents and other Christians in the community who are calling for a prom that bans LGBT people because she says they have no “purpose in life.”
Raw Story (http://s.tt/1zDsf)

WTWO-TV reporter Paige Preusse asked Medley if she thought “gay people had some sort of purpose in life.”

After taking a deep breath, the teacher replied: “I don’t. I personally don’t. I’m sorry. I just — I don’t understand it… A gay student or adult or person isn’t going to come up isn’t going to come up and make some change, unless it’s because they realize, ‘You know what? It was a choice and I’m choosing God.’”

Raw Story (http://s.tt/1zDsf)

This should give you enough of an idea of the level of bigotry that has set me off today. I’m not going to talk much about this, because I could go on forever and ever. And thankfully a friend of mine saw a quick rant from my facebook about this and shared a link to a story on Change.org asking for the termination of employment.
However my feelings are still very strong for topics like this. No one should be subjected to this kind of hate, bigotry, and insensitivity, especially young people! I really don’t care how you feel about gay people, or black people, or illegal immigrants, or any other minority, but there are just some things you need to keep to yourself, because you never know when someone around you is going to affected, and what’s worse, they may be silent effected, and you won’t know until it’s to late.
Please go and sign the petition to have this evil person removed from the education system!

Diana Medley is a Special Educaiton teacher in the Northeast School Corporation of Sullivan County and spoke ON CAMERA to WTWO-TV saying that “Being Gay Is A Choice…” Then went on to tell a television reporter that gay people don’t have a purpose in life? This is woman teaching our children — including openly gay students. Gay Teenagers have the HIGHEST rate of suicide in our country, surely Mrs. Medley’s lack of concern for their emotional and mental well-being, as well as her mis-understanding of their purpose in life makes her a threat to not only students in her classroom, but, in her community! – Change.org Sign Here

Finally, let me leave you with this video clip from Prayers For Bobby.