To All Mechanics Out There

Bravo! I don’t understand how you can enjoy, or at the very least endure the mind numbing tasks of working on any type of motorized vehicle. It seems every single vehicle I have in my possession is full of problems.  Currently I own a 1985 Honda Shadow VT700. It’s pretty great, runs good and what not. Awesome considering I got it for free. Lately I’ve been suffering a cooling issue, well more or less an over heating problem.

Anyways, fixed a leak in the coolant line (just a bad O-Ring), and then another leak pops up. Then it disappears. And then suddenly it starts boiling over after short rides. Unsure why. So I switched out the coolant, same problem. Then I noticed the fan never turns on. So I take apart the thermostat housing and test the thermostat. It works, of course. So I try hooking direct power up to the fan, and that works. So somewhere in the wiring, my fan is not turning on when it’s supposed to. Not sure why. In the mean time I wired a manual switch to the fan so that I can turn it on at any point I desire. Put everything back together, add my coolant, and now that one leak that disappeared is back. I think I see where it’s coming from, but boy does that look like a difficult spot to access. So in the mean time I’m just going to test out everything, ride it, and hope that it doesn’t boil over anymore.


We’ll see.


Side rant. My phone broke, and it’s incredibly difficult to live in today’s world without a phone. I have friends coming into town today and no way to communicate with them, or know when they get into town. I don’t have a house phone for the to call either. My only means of communication at this point is through my Facebook account, which is normally at my fingers tips thanks to my phone.


And randomness. I’m putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow at work. I can’t really deal with all the bullshit anymore. I’m gonna head up to Cali, and hopefully find some work, if not oh well. I’ll be flying out to Germany around December or January I think, and scheduling some more tattoo work at Little Swastika’s Gallery.


A day in the life of Lucas.



Recently I have made a couple posts talking about my desires to start my own website and what not, and use it to ultimately end my Facebook addiction (I’m not really addicted). I’ve been taking courses about programming through Udacity. The other day I saw an awesome video that Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) titled What Most Schools Don’t Teach, which I encourage all of you to take the time to watch, it’s only five minutes! And then just today I was doing a little bit of research on jobs available to people who know how to code. One of the first pages I cam across was an article on titled Learn To Code, Get A Job. Pretty simple. Here are a couple lines from the article, which is also worth a quick read if you have the time.

It’s time Americans begin treating computer code the way we do the alphabet or arithmetic.

We are socializing, working, consuming, and living in a world increasingly defined by programs. Learning to code is the best way to understand what all those programs do, or even to recognize that they are there in the first place.


If you know how to code, you can get a high-paying job right now, or make valuable stuff right now. You will understand more about how the world works, and become a participating member in the digital society unfolding before us

After reading the article, I took a visit to the websites that it linked to, these being Code Academy and Code Year. Both very awesome websites striving to reach the same goal of teaching people how to code…for FREE. Currently I am giving Code Academy a try doing the HTML course. I have background with web programming, so it’s very basic for me. But I can say that the activities are very interactive and get you learning faster than any other online tutorial website I have used in the past. When I learned how to build websites it wasn’t this easy, interactive, or really as much fun, and there was a lot more reading to get through. Code Academy really cuts to the chase and explains things in an easy to understand way, and I think anyone would be able to learn using these tutorials. Code year looks to be the same type of thing, but more of a pledge, that you are agreeing to learn something new in the year of 2013, and create a website, or game from code, all on your by following courses/tutorials proved by the website.  Here is a screen shot

Code YearPretty nifty. Nothing to lose, and every thing to gain! Heck, learning to code could even change your life and and open up so many new doors. Give it a try. I’m taking things a lot more seriously now that I have the time, and desire again.

Anywho, that’s all I really have to say on that. I love this type of stuff, and I wish more people would learn to code, including myself.

Time Sure Is Flying

It seems like I just arrived in Vegas only a few short weeks ago, but it’s already been three and a half months since then. So wild. Anyways, just a quick update on everything with my job, and future plans with me. The job itself is going good, I finished training, was assigned two clients, made contact with the first and have started my basic skills sessions with this client. It started out slow, and is still going slow. I go over to his house five days a week and two hours each of those days to work with him on his behavior and anger mostly, there are some other issues that will be addressed as well, but everything seems to stem from anger and behavioral issues. I gotta say it’s not really easy work. We mostly talked, I should say I mostly talked for the length of each session, which is proving to be non-helpful because he can’t focus for that long and he’s heard it all before, and I’m pretty sure its as boring for him as it is for me. Since starting I have been doing a lot of research on how to keep the attention of my clients who have ADD/ADHD and other issues. On Friday I went to turn in my hours and also took a look at some books and was able to copy some worksheets out of them to address anger with my client. The worksheets were awesome, but as we were unable to have our session at his home, his mother and self suggested we sit at the park, I don’t think any progress was made because of all the distractions around us, and of course the desire to go and play. Next week I am planning to head out to the main office and do some more reading before I meet with this client, and gather some ideas for more activities we can do that might be fun, or at least engaging so we can start making some progress. Hopefully I can find some good stuff, cause I gotta say, it hit me hard when I started thinking about how serious my role is in this child’s life. If I don’t do my job right, it has a direct effect on his life and well being!

Enough about work though I do have a life. Finally I gave the courts a call in Illinois, ugh, never a fun call to make especially when you owe money. At least now I know when my payment is due, and how much it is. $404.00 is due by March 25th. Lovely. On top of this I also owe $155.00 on my cell phone bill. Thank goodness I got my taxes back so I can cough all of it up to bills and fines. And because I am just starting with my new job I do not have enough hours to cover these expenses just by my first two checks! So I’m really going to hurting for money this month, and into next month as well. This also means that I will not be able to escape the country to Europe in May like I was really hoping to do. This is a huge bummer, but it will allow me to save up money, get in shape, and start preparing for my next big adventure.

As far as eventually getting my own personal website/blog up and running with hopes to stop using Facebook. I am still unsure when this will happen, I”m still trying to figure out costs, and how much time this type of thing will take. I’m a pretty lazy person, so getting around to actually designing a website and all that good stuff is gonna take time, especially considering I haven’t really worked with web design in quite some time. Although I have been taking courses through Udacity to further my knowledge of this type of stuff, and to also get back in mindset of writing code and troubleshooting related issues.  I will keep updates on this every now and again.

Finally the last bit of news, maybe it’s already been covered. But I got my navel (belly button, for those of you who don’t know what a navel is) pierced. I’ve been wanting to do it for quite some time now and finally got around to just doing it! Shane Von Ranniger at the Piercing Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada did it for me and it was done very well. We put in some fancy bling bling made by Anatometal. With green gems (Princess Cut), and we also anodized the piece a s very  nice shade of blue that goes perfectly with the green. We didn’t take a picture of it when I was fresh because I was bleeding a little bit, so I’ll be sure to take a good picture once it has fully healed, it’s to fabulous not to! That’s pretty much it though!

Drop Box

By now, I’m sure most people have heard of cloud storage, or online data storage. I gotta say, I have never been a fan, I don’t trust it, I don’t feel safe uploading my personal files to the the Internet, even if there is nothing to hide. The fact that it is put online is a risk in my opinion. But I guess I’m just paranoid, I know enough to be scared.  But, when I signed up for drop box, I figured it would be a great way to share files with friends or access certain documents (mostly pictures) from computers that weren’t mine. After about 8 months of not using this service, I am very glad I did, and even more glad that I had my old phone synced up with it. Because when my phone crashed and died I thought that I lost all of my pictures, travel pictures, pictures people had sent me, videos, and all that good stuff. I just logged into my account to find that I had all of that backed up online! Lucky me.

Currently I am going through everything, and what a flashback. The majority of the pictures are from the last year while I was away traveling the country, and a good chunk from my time living in Boston.

The amount of storage you get is not very great, starts out at 2gb of free storage, but there are opportunities to increase the amount of storage available to you. At the time of writing this I have 3.4GB  of space to save my data. You can increase this by referring people, going through a tutorial, syncing your phone, uploading your first file, or if you need mega storage you can also purchase more for a monthly service fee. Depending on the amount of data you have that you need stored you can decided what is best. But if you have more than 100gbs of data. I would suggest a service such as Carbonite. While I was working at Staples we sold Carbonite, and it was only 60 bucks for a full year of unlimited online storage and back up.

At the very lease though, my suggestion would be to sign up for Drop Box, and have your phone set up to sync your data off of there. Because if you are anything like me you probably don’t back up all of your pictures and video to your computer, or a hard drive, or even a thumb drive. They just sit on your phone taking up space, some of them get uploaded to Facebook or twitter, but the rest are just dormant files. What happens if your phone takes a shit on you though? Not all of my files were backed up to the MicroSD card in my phone, they were on the internal storage as well. My entire phone fried though, and I wasn’t able to save this files when my phone died. Thankfully they all backed up to Dropbox though!

I can tell I am starting to Ramble now. But hey, if I made at least one person aware, then I guess this post has served a purpose! Check it out.

Blog Stats

It’s very interesting watching the statistic of my blog go up and down, who follows, who likes a post and all of that good stuff.  The biggest thing i really monitor is the amount of traffic coming through. And since the beginning of this month, I have made four posts, this being my fifth. Almost every post has been liked at least once, and one 11 times. The number of people who follow my blog has increased by about 5 or 6 followers. So obviously, people are reading my blog. The amount of hits my blog is getting though is not really going up though. So I’m wondering, does maybe traffic from other WordPress users not count as a unique visit to my website?  It doesn’t really matter much. It’s just a thought. If anyone reading this has some input please leave a comment. :D

Also, if you aren’t following any of the people shown in my screen shots, got check their blogs out! There are some really good ones!



Where My visits Come From

Self Education

A while back, about a year and a half ago I’d say, while browsing through one 4chans Technology /g/ board I came across a post about a free Online University that was designed and taught by some of the best college professors in the country. There wasn’t to much info about, but I checked it out because at the time I was very interested in learning more about computer science, and programming to be specific, and the first course I came across was CS101: Introduction to computer science, Building a Search Engine. I enrolled immediately to give this a try, but of course my enrollment was late, and at the time the courses were not open to join at any time, the ran like a typical college would hold class. Everyone started at the same time, and finished at the same time. So I waited, and when it finally came time to start, I did. About a week later though I quit my job and started traveling and no longer had the time to keep up with the class and learn.

Udacity is what I am talking about. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s well worth checking out. Now that I finally have the time for the first time in a year, I have re-enrolled in the CS101 class and am going through the class at my own pace. So far I seem to be learning quite a bit and I am very please with this. I’ll admit, even though the course description does say anyone can do this no matter what experience you may have. It’s still pretty difficult the farther you progress and I’d say that having at least a background in some web design would be very helpful. This is a programming class (that I am taking, their are other classes available of course) And without at least a little bit of familiarity with writing code, this will be very difficult.

I have found 15-30 minute blocks at a time is best for me to absorb the most information. The Lecture videos are not the most exciting, while it is awesome to learn, it’s good to take a break! So i watch 3 to 5 videos and take a break for a few hours and go back to. It seems to be working for me so far.

What is also great about this website is if you actually complete your course, and pass, you can get a certificate of completion that shows what you did. I believe on their website somewhere I read that over 400 different companies will recognize these certificates for employment consideration as well, which is phenomenal.  College might not be right for everyone, but if you still have the desire to learn something new, or at the very least exercise your brain, this is a great alternative. And it’s free!

So that’s that. Check it out. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.

In other news. yesterday I had the sutures removed from my tongue. Everything feels a whole lot better now. I am still a bit swollen and sore, but that is all normal. it looks great though! When It’s fully healed I will make a full write about about my experience and perhaps take another video of my talking with my new tongues and demonstrate how it moves now.

Tah tah for now!

Just Thinking

In the past I know that I have talked about doing this, many many many times, but finally I think that I am serious about it. The thought is purchasing a domain and having a personal website that I will keep updated much like my Facebook, but not at all. I have been wanting to do away with my Facebook for quite sometime now. I do not like it, or want much of anything to do with it. But it is so convenient as I am able to update my friends from all around the world on what I am doing and share pictures. I don’t post more here because I usually update daily on Facebook, which sort of just makes it seem pointless to write a full post here in detail of what is going on.

The idea will still include me using a word press blog, which will have all of the posts from this page transferred over. I will have a photo gallery, which will be easy for me to upload more pictures directly from the website, instead of having to go into the control panel of the website and manually upload everything, and then insert everything. But I don’t want to make it so that just anyone can upload anything they want, just me. It will probably be a password protected type of thing. Some kind of contact page, and a guestbook for people to write small messages.

I’m not really sure yet. All the ideas are floating around in my head. It’s going to be a serious project though, I haven’t really designed a website in quite a while. And I know nothing about HTML5 yet! But to help pass the time it could be a fun project. And now that I have a job, I will be able to afford purchasing a website and hosting. We’ll see. I’ll make an update if I end up doing something like this, which should maybe be in the next few weeks.

In other news, we now have the Insanity Work Out at my house. So I’m going to start doing that in a week or two, I’d really like to see some results and have a nice body by the time summer rolls around. I’ve said this before, but I always end up giving up. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time.

Also, it has been 6 days since my tongue was split. It still hurts a little. Mostly because of the sutures, but it is feeling so much better! I can eat again, and talk much better. I think today I will have the sutures removed, maybe tomorrow. Gotta call up the guy and talk to him about it.  That’s all though.