To All Mechanics Out There

Bravo! I don’t understand how you can enjoy, or at the very least endure the mind numbing tasks of working on any type of motorized vehicle. It seems every single vehicle I have in my possession is full of problems.  Currently I own a 1985 Honda Shadow VT700. It’s pretty great, runs good and what not. Awesome considering I got it for free. Lately I’ve been suffering a cooling issue, well more or less an over heating problem.

Anyways, fixed a leak in the coolant line (just a bad O-Ring), and then another leak pops up. Then it disappears. And then suddenly it starts boiling over after short rides. Unsure why. So I switched out the coolant, same problem. Then I noticed the fan never turns on. So I take apart the thermostat housing and test the thermostat. It works, of course. So I try hooking direct power up to the fan, and that works. So somewhere in the wiring, my fan is not turning on when it’s supposed to. Not sure why. In the mean time I wired a manual switch to the fan so that I can turn it on at any point I desire. Put everything back together, add my coolant, and now that one leak that disappeared is back. I think I see where it’s coming from, but boy does that look like a difficult spot to access. So in the mean time I’m just going to test out everything, ride it, and hope that it doesn’t boil over anymore.


We’ll see.


Side rant. My phone broke, and it’s incredibly difficult to live in today’s world without a phone. I have friends coming into town today and no way to communicate with them, or know when they get into town. I don’t have a house phone for the to call either. My only means of communication at this point is through my Facebook account, which is normally at my fingers tips thanks to my phone.


And randomness. I’m putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow at work. I can’t really deal with all the bullshit anymore. I’m gonna head up to Cali, and hopefully find some work, if not oh well. I’ll be flying out to Germany around December or January I think, and scheduling some more tattoo work at Little Swastika’s Gallery.


A day in the life of Lucas.


What A Summer

I’m not really sure what to write. It’s currently 2:36am right now, I’m laying naked in bed and unable to sleep. So many different thoughts and emotions are flowing through my mind right now it’s got my blood pumping way to fast!

To sum up the last few months of my absence, I have mostly just been working. From June to the middle of September Pismo Beach, CA was home. My job in Las Vegas, NV which also has a location in CA, sent me to work out on the beach for the summer. Little did I know I was signing my entire life away with this agreement. it was all good though, I really did enjoy my time despite the fact that I was working 75 plus hours every single week with hardly any time in between shifts to do anything besides sleep.

The disappointing fact of all this is that I don’t really have as much money saved up as I would like to. Some how my data usage on my phone has been out the roof even though my habits have not changed one bit, it’s just been since Verizon forced me into signing a new contract.  So I’ve been paying way to much for that, i was eating out entirely to much, and other stupid stuff.


Now I’m back in Vegas. 3 days deep into my old position in the desert, and I am already hating it. Some asshole threw some serious attitude my way today, and that set me off pretty good. And general bullshit that goes along with a job.


I have no clue what I want to do, and honestly this is starting to really bother me. I have no direction, no plans, only dreams, and the world that I want to explore. I don’t know where to start, or how to start, which seems silly given all the things I have done so far.


I’m beginning a new chapter of my life. I don’t know what will happen or where it will take me. But I’m incredibly nervous for the way things may or may not turn out.


That is all.


Currently I’m in a rather depressed state of mind. I’m bored, I feel empty, as if I have no purpose, and worst of all, I feel very lonely.  The days have all started to drag on, but manage to blend as one at the same time. Work consumes 50 + hours a week. Although this new job has lost it’s luster since the first couple weeks, working for this company is pretty cool, and a great opportunity for me.

Last week I was sent to work in Pismo Beach, California for a few days. The hours were outrageous! 30 hours of over time in two days. The work wasn’t all that hard, however being on a beach all day long and walking through that much sand is rather tiresome for the body, in addition to the very long hours, early mornings, and late nights. After three days it’s safe to say I was completely exhausted.

Next week is APP, and on Wednesday I leave for Boston, and then California that Saturday as well. Looking very much forward to this. The outcome of everything that goes on during this trip will play a huge role in how my life in the near future goes.

I’m not really sure what else to say. But there is so much I feel like I need to say.

I’m going to leave it at this, as it’s somethign I’m starting to realize.

I think the tramps life is for me though.

New Beginnings Start With New Hair!

Today is my first day of training for my new job, and what better way to prepare myself then head out and get my hair cut! This was probably the first time i have paid for a haircut in about a year and it looks great! (See pictures attached below) I went to a place called Sports Clips. Very friendly ladies work there, and because I was a new customer I go the VIP Treatment! Hot Towels, Massage, hair washing, she styled it up for me before I left, and even shaped my beard for me.

As for the new job, I am very excited to start and see what it’s all about. It took me much longer to actually get hired on and start working, so making it out to Europe like I still have hopes for in May is going to be really tough, but I think I can pull it off! I’ll update on that later.  Next week after I have started working, and not just training I’ll be sure to write a nice detailed report of how it is, what I’m doing and what the work is like.

That’s pretty much all I have to say for now! Wish me luck!New Dew

Self Education

A while back, about a year and a half ago I’d say, while browsing through one 4chans Technology /g/ board I came across a post about a free Online University that was designed and taught by some of the best college professors in the country. There wasn’t to much info about, but I checked it out because at the time I was very interested in learning more about computer science, and programming to be specific, and the first course I came across was CS101: Introduction to computer science, Building a Search Engine. I enrolled immediately to give this a try, but of course my enrollment was late, and at the time the courses were not open to join at any time, the ran like a typical college would hold class. Everyone started at the same time, and finished at the same time. So I waited, and when it finally came time to start, I did. About a week later though I quit my job and started traveling and no longer had the time to keep up with the class and learn.

Udacity is what I am talking about. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s well worth checking out. Now that I finally have the time for the first time in a year, I have re-enrolled in the CS101 class and am going through the class at my own pace. So far I seem to be learning quite a bit and I am very please with this. I’ll admit, even though the course description does say anyone can do this no matter what experience you may have. It’s still pretty difficult the farther you progress and I’d say that having at least a background in some web design would be very helpful. This is a programming class (that I am taking, their are other classes available of course) And without at least a little bit of familiarity with writing code, this will be very difficult.

I have found 15-30 minute blocks at a time is best for me to absorb the most information. The Lecture videos are not the most exciting, while it is awesome to learn, it’s good to take a break! So i watch 3 to 5 videos and take a break for a few hours and go back to. It seems to be working for me so far.

What is also great about this website is if you actually complete your course, and pass, you can get a certificate of completion that shows what you did. I believe on their website somewhere I read that over 400 different companies will recognize these certificates for employment consideration as well, which is phenomenal.  College might not be right for everyone, but if you still have the desire to learn something new, or at the very least exercise your brain, this is a great alternative. And it’s free!

So that’s that. Check it out. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.

In other news. yesterday I had the sutures removed from my tongue. Everything feels a whole lot better now. I am still a bit swollen and sore, but that is all normal. it looks great though! When It’s fully healed I will make a full write about about my experience and perhaps take another video of my talking with my new tongues and demonstrate how it moves now.

Tah tah for now!

New Job! New Tongue!

Yay! I got a job. Finally. After searching for months!!!!!! I haven’t started yet because I had to gather a few documents. All of them were pretty easy to get with the exception of my high school diploma, which is in California. My dad finally sent it out for me yesterday though, so hopefully I’ll have that on Wednesday and be able to schedule training on Thursday or Friday! What I’ll be doing is working with people (mostly kids it sounds like) with Mental Disabilities teaching them basic skills and maybe some behavioral help as well. I’m not totally sure of everything, but after training I’ll have a much better understanding. I am very excited to start though, it sounds like really good work, fun, and stressful at times, but honest. I’m glad it’s not sales, or retail or customer service type work again. The pay is really good as well.

After my interview on Tuesday the 29th, January 2013 I came home to find out my name had been drawn in a sweepstakes I entered a couple weeks prior at the Bass Pro Shop. The prize is a two thousand dollar travel package to anywhere in the USA. All I have to do is go to a seminar and take a tour of some place, where they will probably try and sell me something. My sister and brother-in-law think it’s not real and a scam and aren’t will to help me go. For some reason they want a single female, or a couple to attend and pick up my travel package. So I need to find a friend willing to go with me, because even if it turns out to be a scam, at least I can say I tried!

And finally, more exciting news! I finally got my tongue split! After years of waiting! I still remember the first time I saw a split tongue, I was about 10 years old watching the discovery chanel with my family, and there was a segment about Eric Sprague aka The Lizard Man, and how he had his tongue split. I was so intrigued, but agreed when my family had said it was gross. And now 11 years later, I finally have joined thousands of other people who have went under the knife and had their tounges split. To be completely honest, it hurt pretty bad to get done, especially since i had it sutured as well. The the worst part of it is trying to heal it! Yuck. Hell, everysingle day. It’s still only the 4th day and I’m still in pain, still can’t talk for shit, my breath smells like a corpse, and eating is pretty difficult. It does feel a lot better today than it has in the last couple days. Artist Credit goes to Shane Von Ranniger, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here’s a couple pictures. But first, a video I took yesterday (day 3) of me talking. Enjoy, and laugh a little!

California Love (Old Draft a few weeks ago)

I am here in San Diego, California currently. Spent the last two days here, and am leaving for Vegas again tomorrow. It’s been a brief but pleasant visit. Great city, great weather, can’t ask for much more, but I did get more! I met up with my friend Pat yesterday evening at the airport to see him off today before he left on his Semester at Sea. Seeing him was great, I just wish we could have had another day together since it has been so long since we have had a chance to actually hang out.

In addition to seeing his pretty face I met up with another friend Rachel who I know from Boston as well, and my other friend that I also met out in Boston. For the most part I have been pretty occupied and time has flown. I’m already looking forward to being back in Vegas and continuing my job hunt. Although I think I may have the hook up with a Temp Agency, but I have to apply and get processed into the system for. I’ll know by next week if anything is going to happen with that, and I will be sure to write about that.

On a side note Hopefully my writings will start to become more frequent now that I have my laptop again. I do remember saying this before though, so I’m not making any promises to myself, and anyone who might be mildly entertained by what I write about.

When I do finally land my self a job and a regular pay check saving is going to be priority number one! Pat’s Semester at Sea ends in Spain in Early May, so I am hoping to make enough money to fly out to Barcelona and meet up with him to travel Europe together, and of course get tattooed again ;). After taking a peak at airline prices and comparing them against numerous other airline venders I am confident I will be able to do this. From what I saw a round trip flight shouldn’t be much more than 900 Dollars. That’s as of now of course, I won’t have the money for at least a month and a half, so this could change drastically, but I’m hoping not.

Here’s some pictures


Also here is a video of the sunset.