California Love (Old Draft a few weeks ago)

I am here in San Diego, California currently. Spent the last two days here, and am leaving for Vegas again tomorrow. It’s been a brief but pleasant visit. Great city, great weather, can’t ask for much more, but I did get more! I met up with my friend Pat yesterday evening at the airport to see him off today before he left on his Semester at Sea. Seeing him was great, I just wish we could have had another day together since it has been so long since we have had a chance to actually hang out.

In addition to seeing his pretty face I met up with another friend Rachel who I know from Boston as well, and my other friend that I also met out in Boston. For the most part I have been pretty occupied and time has flown. I’m already looking forward to being back in Vegas and continuing my job hunt. Although I think I may have the hook up with a Temp Agency, but I have to apply and get processed into the system for. I’ll know by next week if anything is going to happen with that, and I will be sure to write about that.

On a side note Hopefully my writings will start to become more frequent now that I have my laptop again. I do remember saying this before though, so I’m not making any promises to myself, and anyone who might be mildly entertained by what I write about.

When I do finally land my self a job and a regular pay check saving is going to be priority number one! Pat’s Semester at Sea ends in Spain in Early May, so I am hoping to make enough money to fly out to Barcelona and meet up with him to travel Europe together, and of course get tattooed again ;). After taking a peak at airline prices and comparing them against numerous other airline venders I am confident I will be able to do this. From what I saw a round trip flight shouldn’t be much more than 900 Dollars. That’s as of now of course, I won’t have the money for at least a month and a half, so this could change drastically, but I’m hoping not.

Here’s some pictures


Also here is a video of the sunset.



Much to write.

Whewwww. What a long time it’s been since I was last on a computer, I swear I am so not used to it that it felt weird using the touch pad on my laptop! But it is nice to have it back for the time being. My Dad was nice enough to ship it out to me.
Currently I am sitting here in the Starbucks at Harvard Square in Cambridge. I hang out here all the time.  I’m still jobless, and still homeless. So That’s nice. I went camping once in New Hampshire with friend, visited the Bronx Zoo in New York, and been on multiple job interviews with no luck.  What a journey it has been. But here I am.

I’ll just attach a few pictures for anyone’s enjoyment, and I will make a very nice long detailed post tomorrow or the next day, because I don’t think I have been on here since I was in California back in June!

East Coast Life

As I said last time, I am enjoying myself quite a bit. The east coast is quite a bit different, especially the police. I’ll get to that later though. I finished up my time in Boston. My friend Pat and I went to New York City for the weekend, we took the Fung Wah bus from Boston to NYC. It was 30 bucks round trip for each of us, not to bad. We arrived in NYC Friday morning about 2am, it was a bit cold, and we had no where to go. So we started walking around the city trying to figure out exactly where we were. Around 5:45am we found a Starbucks in Times Square that was open, got our coffee on, and some how ended up at the Good Morning America set, so we waited around for about 2 hours and got on TV together, that was pretty cool. I called my mom at 6:30am, or 3:30am California time to tell her she should watch. She was pretty excited about that.

After we got our fifteen seconds of fame we headed off to Central Park and took a really nice nap together. It’s amazing how much warmer it was in the park than it as in the city, and not windy at all!! those high rise buildings create a nasty draft, lol.  I’m not sure how long we slept, but when we woke up, things got a little steamy between, us, haha, dangerously steamy. What evers though. We walked around the city a bit more, checked out some shops, got some cool pictures and enjoyed some good food. Then I called up a friend who invited us to hang out with him at a shop he worked at. It was so strange, because it turned out to be one of the shops Brian Decker worked out of, which is who we were going to see the following day. Strange, but we enjoyed it and got some good relaxation time in. A few hours later we took off, and got some Chipotle for dinner. We ended up taking a train and a bus out to the Airport. We had no where to go, so we just crashed in the baggage claim area, no one bothered us. It was a bit cold, but way more comfortable than sleeping out in the streets.

The next day was a big day for me, we woke up, grabbed some breakfast at a place in the airport and took a train into Brooklyn. That’s a funny place, a lot dirtier looking than NYC, and full of hipsters, especially in Williamsburg. They were everywhere, i couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Fast forward a bit though, and it’s 4pm!! We walked over to Pure Body Arts to meet Brian for my appointment.

When we got there he was still finishing up with another client. Around 5pm he was done, washed up and called me in. He prepared all of his tools, and luckily had a spare piece of jewelry laying around, because the piece I had ordered was entirely to short.  I laid down, he marked me up, cleaned my face, and we started. I’m not going to bother explain the procedure, but it was not to most pleasant experience pain wise, and I did scream and moan a bit, which is normal for me. It wasn’t as bad as i made it sound, that’s just how I deal with pain. After about two or three minutes though, the jewelry was inserted, and I had a 7/1ths inch oval labret!!! Very exciting, and life changing.Pictures below.

We headed straight for the bus station after that, because again, we did not have a place to stay, so we figured we’d head back to Boston and stay at his house for the night. We got back to boston around 11pm, and thankfully his dad could pick us up, because we missed the train. No biggy. We slept so good, and stayed in bed all day te following day, lol. we were pooped from all that walking the days before. I left his house for Boston sunday night, slept in the Airport again, and took off for Baltimore Monday morning. To make things short and simple, because I’m getting sleepy and tired of typing at this point, it took me 24 hours to hitch hike from Boston to Baltimore. it wouldn’t have taken me that much time to go 400ish miles on the west coast. I nearly got arrested three times just for hitch hiking, once in Twice in Rhode island, and once in Conneticut. I finished up my time hitch hiking at truck stops and was able to make it to a town about 20 miles away from Baltimore. The trucker was nice, but an idiot, he dropped me off along the interstate so i had to walk back off of it. I was just going to take a bus or train from that town, but the next ones left hours and hours later!!! So i raised my thumb and in a few minutes I had a ride straight to Baltimore where I met up with my friend from, Dale. And we’ve been kicking it since. I’ll be taking off for North Carolina on Sunday, because I was talking into waiting to see a show here in Maryland on Saturday night.

Enjoy the pictures so far!!


Livin’ it

I’m enjoying myself quite a bit in Boston. no complaints at all, except, well tonight, I don’t really have anywhere to go for the night, lame sauce. Things have been good though. The city seems surprisingly small, huge at first glance, but small after you see everything, which is okay with me. I am ready to move onto a new city for sure. But not just yet.

Tomorrow morning I am supposed to fly back to California. I’m not getting on my plane. Let the phone blowing up commence. My managers are going to be pissed when i don’t show up for work Wednesday morning, and probably more pissed when I don’t answer my phone. I don’t wanna deal with it, maybe not the most noble of decisions, but what ever. It’s just a job, and a job that I don’t want much to do with any ways.

In other news, I purchased an Ipod the other day. I think I’m going to return it though. They are so expensive, and I don’t really need one, it’s just nice to have so I can always have music, but I think having money to buy food is a bit more important.

That’s really all that’s left o say. I’ll post some pictures up next time. Although, I have not taken many surprisingly. I don’t know why.

Screw Promises To People Who Don’t Care

Am I right? I promised my current employer that I would stay with the company for a year if they took me on again (mind you, I have been with them for 2.5 years, they just wanted me to stay at their store). I said sure, no problem. Since I have made that choice, I have become depressed at times, angry, and just longing to travel more than ever. I feel like a caged animal unable to explore the world around me. I hitch hike to keep the travel bug at bay when I have the time, mainly on my weekends. But it’s to much now, my position is being changed, someone I don’t like a work, with much less experience than me is being put in my current position, and I am being put as the main guy behind the counter. Same pay rate, so it’s not all bad. But the numbers they will be expecting is outrageous, and my assistant manager is even worried about these expected changes, saying, and I quote “I am going to be updating my resume and cover letters real soon”. He is just as nervous about all this as I am. He knows it won’t happen the way the big wigs see it happening. He knows two thousand dollar sale increases a week do not just happen over night, or with a position change. He even told me if a better opportunity came along, he would probably take it at this point, which to me says he cares about as much as I do about this job. It’s just a pay until we can do what we actually want to do.

That kind of leads me into this next bit.  On Tuesday I am flying out to Boston, MA to check out the East Coast and just hang out. The last two weeks I have been contemplating just not getting back on my flight to California to just stay over there. What’s better is a guy on was talking about hitch hiking from NY to CA around the same time. The way the gears in my head are turning, is that I should just stay, kick it for a while, and then do a cross country hitch hiking trip, which is what I have been dreaming of since I got back from Europe. The only thing holding me back in my lame job that doesn’t seem to care about me or anything I do. To drop a few quotes from one of my favourite songs and bands :

So today I’m gonna rise up with sun, complete the goals I’ve set and move on to the next. I’m so young there’s no reason to run. But everyday, this nine to five destroys all my thoughts. This lake I’ve been swimming in is stagnant. I’m fishing for disaster, and I’m the fucking bait. My hard work means nothing to them, my efforts gone to waste. And I’m so sick, you should be too; Our blood and our sweat means more than this paycheck” -Set It Straight, Hourglass

I’m not going to bother giving my interpretation of this, I think it speaks for itself, and it is exactly how I feel.

That’s basically what’s up with me lately, aside from moving into a new place finally, it’s much better, I’m not on the lease, so leaving is not an issue either here, but I would pay up a couple month’s rent before I left. I’m not an asshole like that, especially to my friends.

This last weekend a friend of mine, Matt, hitch hiked with me. It was his first time, and my first time hitch hiking with a friend, a very new and exciting experience. He met up with me in a chico and together we tramped on up to Grass Valley. After being stuck in Oroville and singing our favorite songs to the dark sky of the night together for quite a while, we finally got picked up and taken to Grass Valley. In the morning we hit the skatepark and eventually decided to go to Reno, NV. What a blast, my first time hitching outside of California (aside from Europe). The trip was pretty smooth and easy. My sister picked us up. I met up with my older brother for the first time in like 6 or 7 years in addition to that, I met his daughters, my nieces for the first time!! They are really cute. It was a good reunion. Now that I know how easy it is to get there, I’ll probably visit a few times a year. If I’m around that is.  That’s pretty much. Good times. Here’s a few pictures.

Beautiful Weather

It really is a beautiful day today. The sun is shining, it’s not windy, no clouds in the sky, about 75 degrees out. Just perfect, feels like a spring day, and it’s still the first week of March. This type of weather I could live with forever. Today I woke up and went into work for about an hour. After words I took off on a 20 mile bike ride around town just enjoying the fresh air. I was hoping to find a friend to go with, but as usual I went alone. The ride was still now, but company would have been preferred.

Last week I purchased my plane ticket to head to Boston. I will be flying with United, and in Boston April 17th – April 24th. I full week of fun. I’m looking forward to it very much, it sure will be nice to see something new, meet new people, and just not have to work for a week. It’s the change of pace I need.

When I get back I need to start planning hard core if I wish to go back to Germany this year. I know I can afford the plane ticket, but i need money so that I can get tattooed as well, which is really the main reason I want to go back this year.

The other day I my old room mate had me come into her class as a guest speaker for her sociology project about body modification. I think it went rather well actually. She covered some good topics, and I was able to answer a bunch of questions and talk about my experiences, which seemed to frighten everyone in the class. The teacher seemed to enjoy what I had to say though which i was happy about.

Going up to Sacramento this weekend to fix my Grandma’s computer. I hope it’s quick and easy, I hate using my days off to do computer work. But I’ve been putting this off for a couple months now, so it’s about time.


That’s all for now.

Burn Victim

Two weeks ago I experimented with a new type of branding, which I didn’t really know much about, just the general idea. It’s been two weeks, and it is very obvious that more research needs to be done. The initial brand was not all that large, and it expanded to a size of a quarter, and it is very deep. I had a minor infection at one point, but thankfully I got that to calm down and it’s doing better now. It just still looks all gross and what not. I’m ready for round two though.

I was browsing Craigslist the last couple days looking for potential room mates. So far no real good luck. I didn’t have to much hope to begin with though to be honest. I’m still going to meet up a couple of people who say they are interested, but I don’t have a lot of hope for anything to work out.

Lately I have had a few pictures sent to my inbox from my travels this summer. The pictures are nice to see, but only make me long to be on the road even more.

Finally got my vacation time worked out. I will be going to Boston from April 17th – 24th. Looking forward to this very much!!


That’s all. I need to take my keyboard off my computer, the backspace key isn’t working right for some reason. I think there is something under it.