What A Ride

You know, lately I have been kind of speechless and had much of nothing to say. However the last couple days have given me a few things to write about. First on the list would be that I did get a new job. Finally a job that I wanted, that I enjoy, and that I wake up each morning excited about driving to. I started on Saturday working out in the Dunes of the Desert outside Las Vegas. When I finish training I will be a dune buggy tour guide! It’s pretty awesome. Some really hard physical work, but that’s a lot of the reason I like it aside from this being a totally fun job that anyone would be lucky to have. I am currently struggling this week, as I was scheduled to work out in the dunes Monday and then again on Thursday. I have to shake loose my other job with the Mental Health agency, which is a bit difficult to do. But I have so far opened up my weekends, and made it possible to work from as early as the desert calls in the morning, to as late as  3pm. When I was hired over the phone, my new boss did say he would be understanding and didn’t want me to burn any bridges. My hopes is that he remains this way the next couple weeks while I try and get rid of my job with Majestic.

Let’s see. For a small rant. I hate Morning Radio. Now that I am up around 5am every day or earlier for this job, I listen to music to keep me awake and alert while driving. But for some reason public radio stations assume everyone wants to listen to a stupid talk show in the mornings. Every single station had some kind of talk show on and would maybe play one song every half hour! That’s not what I wanted to hear, that is boring and annoying. Your talk shows suck Las Vegas! Since I don’t have an iPod, or any music on my computer to burn to CD’s I can’t even fix my problem unless I go out and spend money I don’t really have for that type of entertainment. End Rant. :D

Yesterday I met up with some cool Aussie guys that are out travelling the world. They first made contact with me through Couchsurfing.org and I have followed them since then. The last couple days they have been in Vegas and a shot them a message hoping to take them out into the desert and show them some other attractions most tourists miss out on in their drunken madness for the length of the their visit. So I picked up em at Hooters Hotel on Topicana, and headed out past the old mining town of Nelson and made out way to the river. Jumped off some cliffs despite the weather not being ideal for swimming, and the water being much cooler than refreshing. And then we all hopped back in car after making a detour hike around the mountain, and checked out Hoover Dam for a quick visit and photo opportunity. Cool guys they were, hope to meet them at another time in another place! Check out their facebook.

And that would be all that is going on in my life. Sorry for the lack of writing, but nothing all that special has been going on up until the last week. Cheers! Hope April is going good for everyone.



Recently I have made a couple posts talking about my desires to start my own website and what not, and use it to ultimately end my Facebook addiction (I’m not really addicted). I’ve been taking courses about programming through Udacity. The other day I saw an awesome video that Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) titled What Most Schools Don’t Teach, which I encourage all of you to take the time to watch, it’s only five minutes! And then just today I was doing a little bit of research on jobs available to people who know how to code. One of the first pages I cam across was an article on CNN.com titled Learn To Code, Get A Job. Pretty simple. Here are a couple lines from the article, which is also worth a quick read if you have the time.

It’s time Americans begin treating computer code the way we do the alphabet or arithmetic.

We are socializing, working, consuming, and living in a world increasingly defined by programs. Learning to code is the best way to understand what all those programs do, or even to recognize that they are there in the first place.


If you know how to code, you can get a high-paying job right now, or make valuable stuff right now. You will understand more about how the world works, and become a participating member in the digital society unfolding before us

After reading the article, I took a visit to the websites that it linked to, these being Code Academy and Code Year. Both very awesome websites striving to reach the same goal of teaching people how to code…for FREE. Currently I am giving Code Academy a try doing the HTML course. I have background with web programming, so it’s very basic for me. But I can say that the activities are very interactive and get you learning faster than any other online tutorial website I have used in the past. When I learned how to build websites it wasn’t this easy, interactive, or really as much fun, and there was a lot more reading to get through. Code Academy really cuts to the chase and explains things in an easy to understand way, and I think anyone would be able to learn using these tutorials. Code year looks to be the same type of thing, but more of a pledge, that you are agreeing to learn something new in the year of 2013, and create a website, or game from code, all on your by following courses/tutorials proved by the website.  Here is a screen shot

Code YearPretty nifty. Nothing to lose, and every thing to gain! Heck, learning to code could even change your life and and open up so many new doors. Give it a try. I’m taking things a lot more seriously now that I have the time, and desire again.

Anywho, that’s all I really have to say on that. I love this type of stuff, and I wish more people would learn to code, including myself.

Just Thinking

In the past I know that I have talked about doing this, many many many times, but finally I think that I am serious about it. The thought is purchasing a domain and having a personal website that I will keep updated much like my Facebook, but not at all. I have been wanting to do away with my Facebook for quite sometime now. I do not like it, or want much of anything to do with it. But it is so convenient as I am able to update my friends from all around the world on what I am doing and share pictures. I don’t post more here because I usually update daily on Facebook, which sort of just makes it seem pointless to write a full post here in detail of what is going on.

The idea will still include me using a word press blog, which will have all of the posts from this page transferred over. I will have a photo gallery, which will be easy for me to upload more pictures directly from the website, instead of having to go into the control panel of the website and manually upload everything, and then insert everything. But I don’t want to make it so that just anyone can upload anything they want, just me. It will probably be a password protected type of thing. Some kind of contact page, and a guestbook for people to write small messages.

I’m not really sure yet. All the ideas are floating around in my head. It’s going to be a serious project though, I haven’t really designed a website in quite a while. And I know nothing about HTML5 yet! But to help pass the time it could be a fun project. And now that I have a job, I will be able to afford purchasing a website and hosting. We’ll see. I’ll make an update if I end up doing something like this, which should maybe be in the next few weeks.

In other news, we now have the Insanity Work Out at my house. So I’m going to start doing that in a week or two, I’d really like to see some results and have a nice body by the time summer rolls around. I’ve said this before, but I always end up giving up. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time.

Also, it has been 6 days since my tongue was split. It still hurts a little. Mostly because of the sutures, but it is feeling so much better! I can eat again, and talk much better. I think today I will have the sutures removed, maybe tomorrow. Gotta call up the guy and talk to him about it.  That’s all though.

Another Day

Arrived in Hamburg last night around 7:30pm. I able to make the trip in one day, in one single ride! I was very happy about this. They took me directly to Hamburg. They themselves were on there way to the Waken Metal Festival so it was no problem. I drove alone with one of the guys in the “Caravan” I guess you would call it, a train of cars all going in the same direction. He was really cool, turned out he was a cop, we shared some stories talked a bit about life, friends, and family. And of course, they all thought my tattoo was crazy, and they were convinced it was infected because of how swollen it looked, even though I assured them that it’s fairly normal, especially for a large tattoo, but they didn’t want to listen and suggested I go to a hospitable. They did give me some ice though to put on it, which was very nice and felt pretty good. In fact I think that might have something to do with why it’s not swollen this morning.

Anyways, so they dropped me of in Hamburg, only after swapping names so we could keep in touch through Facebook (e-mail eventually), and Maybe next year when I come back I could crash his place and go to the festival with them. Pretty sweet! I gonna do that for sure.

So when I finally left them behind, I started walking, visited a store, and asked some directions so that I could locate the Metro Station. Once I finally made it to a station I borrowed someones phone to call my Host Anne, and got no answer. So I headed to the Hauptbanhof which was about 20 minutes away by train, and called again once I was there, and again I got no answer. I went into a McDonalds to try and use the WiFi but had no luck, because McDonalds wifi is through T-Mobile and they want you to register with them to use the Wifi, but registering requires you have a european phone number, which I don’t have. Instead I went into a casino to pay for internet. I managed to make contact through CouchSurfing.org and got directions to head out! I arrived around 10:15pm I believe, and she was about to go to bed, but showed me around and everything. Tonight I think we’re going to make dinner together. She said if I wanted I could go out and buy some things, but I think I’ll wait until she gets home so that we can go together, because I have no clue what she likes, or really what to buy to cook.

Below I have attached a few pictures, the last ones I took with it. Right after it was broken. I suppose it still works, but the pictures are out of focus and a bit blurry. Maybe I can still use it like this and just call it “art”? It’s still frustrating.

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Linkedin….I’m getting really sick of all of this. Social networking websites are beginning to run everyone’s lives, or have been for a while now, I’m not entirely sure. It’s starting to drive me crazy though. I log onto my Facebook account every day to upload a new picture and keep friends and family updated on my current travels, I browse through the news feed to see what everyone else is up to, and I just get annoyed. You can easily access all of these social networks now via your smart phone, as well as other wireless devices. When you are on the web browsing, if a website is participating (which most seem to be), you can share your internet findings with all of your friends, you can like certain items, etc, etc. And we’ve all heard fora while now that some jobs review your Facebook account before they hire you, you’d think this would scare people into limiting what they post on the internet, but no, it doesn’t. I mean, I must admit, I’m guilty of all of these things, but I am starting to get a grip on it, and that’s partly what this blog is about.

With this blog, I plan on eventually disconnecting myself from Facebook, which is the only social networking website I use with the exception of Iam.Bmezine.com, which I use primarily to see which artist is travelling to my area and when. It just bothers me, all of it. Myspace started it all, but when Myspace started getting out of control, I left for Facebook. It wasn’t very useful to me at first, considering it was not popular at the time, so no one I knew used it, and then BAM! All of a sudden everyone had a Facebook account. And now it’s just another Myspace, but I feel that it has become much worse than Myspace had the chance to become because Facebook pretty much stomped out Myspace. And now Google, something I have supported for years, is beginning to turn into everything else. Google has phone services, an internet browser, and now Google+? What is this madness. I’m not even gonna continue, I don’t need to, because most people reading this will think that I’m just a silly kid with goofy ideas.

In other news, today I took a short trip through Freiburg. It was nice, I got to see the Visavajara shop, I bought a new CD, had an ice cream cone, and a really good Glass of Tee. In a couple of short hours I will be on my way to Radolfzell, Germany. I can’t wait. And tattoo therapy this Thursday!

-Noodles Out

The New CD I Bought

Random Find!