New Year, New Adventures

Hello for the first time in 2014! Some big things are in store for me this year. You can bet that travel is at the top of the list.

For starters I was hired by Evolve Body Jewelry Company to hit the road as a traveling representative and drive around the country promoting the company to piercing/tattoo studios, and of course selling them the pretties as well. This job will land me in 22 states total. This is fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with an opportunity like this.

During my travels I hope to make at least one post a week about the places I have been, how business is going, and a review on something from my favorite city that week.  That’s a tall order for a person who has scarcely posted in the last year. It’s possible though.

I don’t really believe in new years resolutions, but I do have some goals I’d like to accomplish. Some of them are goals I have had in the past but never really did anything about. I really hope that I will be able to do so this year.

Here’s a list of the ones I’d like to see done.

1. Read five new books cover to cover.

2. Finally Create my own personal webpage. I have procrastinated way to long on this.

3. Make it back to Europe.

4. Go to Mexico, and potentially South America.

5. Expand my vocabulary.


Not all. But some. We’ll see what happens come 2015.


Sorry this post is sort of all over the place. Hopefully as the year progresses I will get better and think things out a bit more.

Next time I write I’ll be somewhere on the east coast!


Hello 2012

In a little under two hours that is. I figured I should say hello one last time before the turn of the year. As I wrote about last time, this has been a great year for me. I have accomplished quite a bit and grown even more as a person. I am truly happy with the adult I am becoming.

There is not much else to say really. I found the journal that I thought I lost which is good news, and I got my septum pierced as well which is very awesome and also a very powerful feeling.

A fun story for the end of the year. On Friday December 30th, I made my way up to Redding to visit Nathan’s Anthems to talk to friends and see friends, and get pierced of course. All of those things happened and it was great fun. But the best part of the night was meeting this kid named Andrew. He was 22 years old and from Boston. He had hitched and train hopped his way across the country and was just stopping in to see if anyone knew what there was to do in Redding. Pretty quickly he realized there was nothing to do in the town, but we all ended up chatting it up with him. I offered to let him stay with me in Chico as I was hitching back that night, he declined saying how he wanted to go to see the Redwoods. After a bit of thinking I decided to join him! We got along pretty good as it was, so after Joey closed down the shop we found some cardboard and started on our journey. It was pretty slow going. And we didn’t get anywhere. one guy stopped and offered us Trimming work, which we politely declined. Shortly after that we walked down to a valero to ask for rides to Eureka. The first people we asked were in a Two seater truck with a campershell. There was like 5 kids total and 2 dogs. So no room at all. they thought long and hard about taking the both of us because they were headed that way and had hitched before themselves. But no luck. they couldn’t fit us.

so we took to the corner and then I thought for a second and said “hey dude, if they can take just you, then hop in man, I don’t need to hold you back, your the one traveling right now, no me.” Sure enough they were able to take him, so he hopped in, said good bye, and I started my journey home. I ended up bumping into quite a few people that  knew which was cool and led to me getting a ride to a spot to thumb it. After about an hour I was picked up by a Truck Driver who took me to Red Bluff. I walked across town and stayed at my friend’s apartment for the night. Made back to Chico tonight around 6pm.

So with that being said, Good by 2011! It was a good time together and I will never forget you. Hopefully 2012 proves to be just as good if no better! Cheers everyone!