To All Mechanics Out There

Bravo! I don’t understand how you can enjoy, or at the very least endure the mind numbing tasks of working on any type of motorized vehicle. It seems every single vehicle I have in my possession is full of problems.  Currently I own a 1985 Honda Shadow VT700. It’s pretty great, runs good and what not. Awesome considering I got it for free. Lately I’ve been suffering a cooling issue, well more or less an over heating problem.

Anyways, fixed a leak in the coolant line (just a bad O-Ring), and then another leak pops up. Then it disappears. And then suddenly it starts boiling over after short rides. Unsure why. So I switched out the coolant, same problem. Then I noticed the fan never turns on. So I take apart the thermostat housing and test the thermostat. It works, of course. So I try hooking direct power up to the fan, and that works. So somewhere in the wiring, my fan is not turning on when it’s supposed to. Not sure why. In the mean time I wired a manual switch to the fan so that I can turn it on at any point I desire. Put everything back together, add my coolant, and now that one leak that disappeared is back. I think I see where it’s coming from, but boy does that look like a difficult spot to access. So in the mean time I’m just going to test out everything, ride it, and hope that it doesn’t boil over anymore.


We’ll see.


Side rant. My phone broke, and it’s incredibly difficult to live in today’s world without a phone. I have friends coming into town today and no way to communicate with them, or know when they get into town. I don’t have a house phone for the to call either. My only means of communication at this point is through my Facebook account, which is normally at my fingers tips thanks to my phone.


And randomness. I’m putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow at work. I can’t really deal with all the bullshit anymore. I’m gonna head up to Cali, and hopefully find some work, if not oh well. I’ll be flying out to Germany around December or January I think, and scheduling some more tattoo work at Little Swastika’s Gallery.


A day in the life of Lucas.


Drop Box

By now, I’m sure most people have heard of cloud storage, or online data storage. I gotta say, I have never been a fan, I don’t trust it, I don’t feel safe uploading my personal files to the the Internet, even if there is nothing to hide. The fact that it is put online is a risk in my opinion. But I guess I’m just paranoid, I know enough to be scared.  But, when I signed up for drop box, I figured it would be a great way to share files with friends or access certain documents (mostly pictures) from computers that weren’t mine. After about 8 months of not using this service, I am very glad I did, and even more glad that I had my old phone synced up with it. Because when my phone crashed and died I thought that I lost all of my pictures, travel pictures, pictures people had sent me, videos, and all that good stuff. I just logged into my account to find that I had all of that backed up online! Lucky me.

Currently I am going through everything, and what a flashback. The majority of the pictures are from the last year while I was away traveling the country, and a good chunk from my time living in Boston.

The amount of storage you get is not very great, starts out at 2gb of free storage, but there are opportunities to increase the amount of storage available to you. At the time of writing this I have 3.4GB  of space to save my data. You can increase this by referring people, going through a tutorial, syncing your phone, uploading your first file, or if you need mega storage you can also purchase more for a monthly service fee. Depending on the amount of data you have that you need stored you can decided what is best. But if you have more than 100gbs of data. I would suggest a service such as Carbonite. While I was working at Staples we sold Carbonite, and it was only 60 bucks for a full year of unlimited online storage and back up.

At the very lease though, my suggestion would be to sign up for Drop Box, and have your phone set up to sync your data off of there. Because if you are anything like me you probably don’t back up all of your pictures and video to your computer, or a hard drive, or even a thumb drive. They just sit on your phone taking up space, some of them get uploaded to Facebook or twitter, but the rest are just dormant files. What happens if your phone takes a shit on you though? Not all of my files were backed up to the MicroSD card in my phone, they were on the internal storage as well. My entire phone fried though, and I wasn’t able to save this files when my phone died. Thankfully they all backed up to Dropbox though!

I can tell I am starting to Ramble now. But hey, if I made at least one person aware, then I guess this post has served a purpose! Check it out.

Blog Stats

It’s very interesting watching the statistic of my blog go up and down, who follows, who likes a post and all of that good stuff.  The biggest thing i really monitor is the amount of traffic coming through. And since the beginning of this month, I have made four posts, this being my fifth. Almost every post has been liked at least once, and one 11 times. The number of people who follow my blog has increased by about 5 or 6 followers. So obviously, people are reading my blog. The amount of hits my blog is getting though is not really going up though. So I’m wondering, does maybe traffic from other WordPress users not count as a unique visit to my website?  It doesn’t really matter much. It’s just a thought. If anyone reading this has some input please leave a comment. :D

Also, if you aren’t following any of the people shown in my screen shots, got check their blogs out! There are some really good ones!



Where My visits Come From

Self Education

A while back, about a year and a half ago I’d say, while browsing through one 4chans Technology /g/ board I came across a post about a free Online University that was designed and taught by some of the best college professors in the country. There wasn’t to much info about, but I checked it out because at the time I was very interested in learning more about computer science, and programming to be specific, and the first course I came across was CS101: Introduction to computer science, Building a Search Engine. I enrolled immediately to give this a try, but of course my enrollment was late, and at the time the courses were not open to join at any time, the ran like a typical college would hold class. Everyone started at the same time, and finished at the same time. So I waited, and when it finally came time to start, I did. About a week later though I quit my job and started traveling and no longer had the time to keep up with the class and learn.

Udacity is what I am talking about. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s well worth checking out. Now that I finally have the time for the first time in a year, I have re-enrolled in the CS101 class and am going through the class at my own pace. So far I seem to be learning quite a bit and I am very please with this. I’ll admit, even though the course description does say anyone can do this no matter what experience you may have. It’s still pretty difficult the farther you progress and I’d say that having at least a background in some web design would be very helpful. This is a programming class (that I am taking, their are other classes available of course) And without at least a little bit of familiarity with writing code, this will be very difficult.

I have found 15-30 minute blocks at a time is best for me to absorb the most information. The Lecture videos are not the most exciting, while it is awesome to learn, it’s good to take a break! So i watch 3 to 5 videos and take a break for a few hours and go back to. It seems to be working for me so far.

What is also great about this website is if you actually complete your course, and pass, you can get a certificate of completion that shows what you did. I believe on their website somewhere I read that over 400 different companies will recognize these certificates for employment consideration as well, which is phenomenal.  College might not be right for everyone, but if you still have the desire to learn something new, or at the very least exercise your brain, this is a great alternative. And it’s free!

So that’s that. Check it out. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as much as I am.

In other news. yesterday I had the sutures removed from my tongue. Everything feels a whole lot better now. I am still a bit swollen and sore, but that is all normal. it looks great though! When It’s fully healed I will make a full write about about my experience and perhaps take another video of my talking with my new tongues and demonstrate how it moves now.

Tah tah for now!

Screw Promises To People Who Don’t Care

Am I right? I promised my current employer that I would stay with the company for a year if they took me on again (mind you, I have been with them for 2.5 years, they just wanted me to stay at their store). I said sure, no problem. Since I have made that choice, I have become depressed at times, angry, and just longing to travel more than ever. I feel like a caged animal unable to explore the world around me. I hitch hike to keep the travel bug at bay when I have the time, mainly on my weekends. But it’s to much now, my position is being changed, someone I don’t like a work, with much less experience than me is being put in my current position, and I am being put as the main guy behind the counter. Same pay rate, so it’s not all bad. But the numbers they will be expecting is outrageous, and my assistant manager is even worried about these expected changes, saying, and I quote “I am going to be updating my resume and cover letters real soon”. He is just as nervous about all this as I am. He knows it won’t happen the way the big wigs see it happening. He knows two thousand dollar sale increases a week do not just happen over night, or with a position change. He even told me if a better opportunity came along, he would probably take it at this point, which to me says he cares about as much as I do about this job. It’s just a pay until we can do what we actually want to do.

That kind of leads me into this next bit.  On Tuesday I am flying out to Boston, MA to check out the East Coast and just hang out. The last two weeks I have been contemplating just not getting back on my flight to California to just stay over there. What’s better is a guy on was talking about hitch hiking from NY to CA around the same time. The way the gears in my head are turning, is that I should just stay, kick it for a while, and then do a cross country hitch hiking trip, which is what I have been dreaming of since I got back from Europe. The only thing holding me back in my lame job that doesn’t seem to care about me or anything I do. To drop a few quotes from one of my favourite songs and bands :

So today I’m gonna rise up with sun, complete the goals I’ve set and move on to the next. I’m so young there’s no reason to run. But everyday, this nine to five destroys all my thoughts. This lake I’ve been swimming in is stagnant. I’m fishing for disaster, and I’m the fucking bait. My hard work means nothing to them, my efforts gone to waste. And I’m so sick, you should be too; Our blood and our sweat means more than this paycheck” -Set It Straight, Hourglass

I’m not going to bother giving my interpretation of this, I think it speaks for itself, and it is exactly how I feel.

That’s basically what’s up with me lately, aside from moving into a new place finally, it’s much better, I’m not on the lease, so leaving is not an issue either here, but I would pay up a couple month’s rent before I left. I’m not an asshole like that, especially to my friends.

This last weekend a friend of mine, Matt, hitch hiked with me. It was his first time, and my first time hitch hiking with a friend, a very new and exciting experience. He met up with me in a chico and together we tramped on up to Grass Valley. After being stuck in Oroville and singing our favorite songs to the dark sky of the night together for quite a while, we finally got picked up and taken to Grass Valley. In the morning we hit the skatepark and eventually decided to go to Reno, NV. What a blast, my first time hitching outside of California (aside from Europe). The trip was pretty smooth and easy. My sister picked us up. I met up with my older brother for the first time in like 6 or 7 years in addition to that, I met his daughters, my nieces for the first time!! They are really cute. It was a good reunion. Now that I know how easy it is to get there, I’ll probably visit a few times a year. If I’m around that is.  That’s pretty much. Good times. Here’s a few pictures.

New Year!!!! Feels Good Already!

Before I get into all the good positive stuff, I would like to take a second and share a very brief bit on how I feel about the current talk of the web would would be SOPA and PIPA! Firstly, fuck that. Excuse my French. But this is the hugest violation upon American Freedom Of Speech in EVER! If this passes who knows what else will happen, but getting away with this will open the door for some many unconstitutional laws to be passed with little opinion from the public. It’s times like these when it is really obvious how important the internet is. I don’t watch television, so this may be wrong, but I would have not heard about these bills when they were birthed originally  a few years ago if it had no been for the internet. The people are not being informed of this through any media outlet other than the internet, and up until recently no one really knew about it, and even now, after   today the Internet Protest Black Out, I still encountered people who had no clue what was going on. My parents, who actively keep up on current events had only heard about this, and when I expressed my feelings towards this they did not understand why I am so upset and passionate about this. They don’t see it as that much of a big deal, because they aren’t seeing the bigger picture because they don’t’ know enough to see it! And that’s exactly what the government wants I’m assuming.  So, if you haven’t already, please head on over to Google and Sign there Petition HERE.

Enough of that now and onto the good stuff! I’m just gonna get right into it. I did my first suspension this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada! It was a total blast, 4pt Knee. The pictures will be at the bottom. Andrew S. of the Swing Shift Sideshow in Vegas and Shane von Ranniger facilitated this suspension for me and did a great job. It was in the back yard of a Townhouse, but it was actually perfect. It felt very personal, and andrew was very comforting and welcoming. The pain was no where near as bad as I was anticipating. I was up for about 20 minutes, and then laid down on a bed of nails as well which I feel was more painful than hanging! I could talk for hours though. And I wanna make this quick as usual, lol


Along with my suspension in Vegas I got to see my sister, nephews, and brother-in-law for the first time in a little over five years! Was so nice to see them all again, the boys have grown quite a bit.  mason didn’t seem to remember me though, Justin did though. :) It was a great visit and I stayed with them the entire time. I also got to meet up with my friend Alex who I met in Munich this summer so that was pretty sweet.


That’s all, going to go and do some studying for Python, trying to learn the language.